Posted 08/26/13

Please take a moment to enjoy an excerpt from my poetry collection titled:

FREEDOM: Poetry From A Life.


MARBLES (inspired by Joy Mac)

Who did You

create me to be

what is the path

of my destiny

Was I just a side-note

a forethought

Was I what You meant to send

or did I warp myself

beyond my own


of the marble I was

Created at one time

to be beautiful

in simplicity

I was dropped

in the dirt

and stepped on

Your perfection

was covered up

hidden from everyone





Now being washed

the dross being

dipped out

like large dark globs

of black ooze

pulling itself apart and

wanting back in

clinging to

my skin

The fight

goes on

but I’m not a


just a spectator

as You will me

I prayed the wrong prayer

asking to be


when in actuality

I just need to be


to the marble

you created

not the tar

I let me see

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