Lord I’ve prayed
and prayed
with all my might
to be released
from this disease
this desire
to imprison myself
in thoughts real
and imagined
by others

Lord I’ve fasted
crying out for
not realizing
you’d heard me
just wanted me
to truly
mean it
this time

Lord I finally felt
the break
the explosion
the releasing
of the prison doors
and I ran out and
took in
the first

I know now
what it feels like
to feel my own feelings
and not have them
bounced back at me
off the glass of others’

I taste
and see
that you are good
and relish having
the opportunity to
gulp down more
of you
and less of them
more of you
and less of me

Now I am able to see
with my own eyes
given to me by you and
smile with my own mouth
chiseled by you and
hear with my own ears
not filtered with fear
and disdain

How freeing
to run open across the sky
and see the avenues
opened up to me
to blink
and not have my
thoughts changed
each time by
another direction
not ever mine

I am flowing
of the gilded cage
that I allowed to be
erected around me
cloaking me in
fear and
traumatizing me into

I am glowing with
the realization of
getting to know
who you really wanted
me to be
and seeing
for the first time
the real

I taste
I feel
I embrace
I know

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