If Peter Dalls was going to come out on top, he’d have to get rid of his competition. It just really sucked that his competition was his wife.

He looked out of the window of his expensively appointed office and he realized that he’d have to be very clever to pull this off. His competition was number one in the industry with his company being number four. He would be the first suspect the police would come after.

How to kill her and get away with it was a tricky proposition. With her dead, the stock in her company would fall and everyone would come to him.

The alert chimed and his virtual assistant’s seductive voice said, “You have a visitor Mr. Dalls. He is not on your itinerary. Shall I let him in?”

“Who the hell is he?”

“He refuses to say.”

“Send him away.”

“Yes Mr. Dalls.”

Peter’s head shot up as his door swung open. No one else had the security code. Whoever it was, would pay for interrupting him.

“Mr. Dalls, I presume?”

“Tell me your name so I know who I am throwing in jail for breaking into my office,” Dalls said as he stood.

“Who I am is of no consequence. I am here to serve you,” the tall, white-haired man said as he handed Dalls a data disk.

“What is this?”

“Everything is explained on the disk,” replied the man. Without awaiting Dalls’ response, he turned and walked out the door.

Perplexed, Dalls took the disk, placed it in the port on his computer and winced as realization of the holographic document dawned on him. His wife was serving him divorce papers.

Dalls slammed his fist on the desk causing the floating document to waver. “How dare she do this to me,” he shouted. If she divorced him before he could have her killed, he’d get none of her money. He needed that for the next phase of his company’s growth.

Deciding he needed to stall her, he grabbed his keys and headed out of the office. “Vida,” he called to his assistant, “I am leaving for a few hours. Hold all calls and cancel all meetings.”

“Yes Mr. Dalls,” replied the disembodied voice.

Dalls stormed to his private elevator and took it up to the rooftop landing pad. There, he stepped into his BMW 1010, threw the flying car in gear and lifted off without looking. Another vehicle swerved to avoid him.

Dalls didn’t see the truck until it was too late.

Dalls had always had the best; however, he was cheap. His BMW didn’t have the armor and stabilization thrusters on it that the newer models did. His car flipped and tumbled crashing back to the launch pad. Not having taken the time to turn on the stasis field, Dalls tumbled along with his car.


Two hours later, Mrs. Cecelia Montegue-Dalls sat in the conference room of her company listening to the latest financial reports. She smiled as she listened to the CFO detail the latest stock offerings. As she started to speak, she was interrupted by the holographic image of her male virtual assistant.

“Mrs. Montegue-Dalls, I am sorry to interrupt. However, the police are here to see you. They say that it is very important.”

Standing, Cecelia said, “Please forgive me ladies and gentlemen. I shall return as soon as possible.”

“Do you need me to come with you?” Dennis Martinale, the corporations lawyer asked.

“Yes, Dennis. I think that might be a good idea. I don’t know what this is about and I’d rather be safe than sorry.”

The two left the room and after closing the door, approached the police detective.

“Mrs. Montegue-Dalls, I presume?”

“Yes, how may I help you?”

“Ma’am, I am sorry to tell you this, but your husband was in a car accident this afternoon.”

“Is he alright? What hospital was he taken to?”, she said lifting her hand to her chest.

“Ma’am, I am sorry to tell you this, but he didn’t make it.”

Cecelia screamed. Dennis placed his arm around her and lead her to her office.


After the detectives finally left. Dennis looked across the small table in Cecelia’s office at her and smiled. “It worked.”

Laughing and wiping away her fake tears, Cecelia said, “It was either him or me.”


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