Dear Fellow Writer: Do You!

Dear Fellow Writer, One of the most valuable tools you need in your arsenal of writing is your individual voice. What is voice, you ask? Well, according to James Scott Bell in his book “Voice: The Secret Power of Great Writing” , Voice is: A combination of character, setting, page turning. A distinctive style, like […]

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Dear Aspiring Writers

Dear Aspiring Writers, There are so many of us who start by saying we’re going to write a book someday. We throw out hints of possibilities and dream of what could be. We stand at the precipice and tickle the idea with a feather and wonder, should I? Could I? Before long, we take the […]

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Welcome  back friends. Last week we celebrated the completion of NaNoWriMo. I mentioned revising our work. So, this week, I am giving you my revision process. I stole borrowed elements of this process from the master of manuscription, the sultan of script Stephen King. In his book, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, Mr. King […]



As many of you know, not only am I a science fiction writer; but a poet as well. This is my memorial to the 20 beautiful children who lost their lives senselessly on Friday. THE STARS ARE CALLING A treasure more precious A beauty most divine Caught in a storm  Not of your design ∞ Brilliant […]



***Originally posted October 18, 2011*** Last October I met a person who was telling me that she knew another science fiction writer. She gave me the author’s name and I looked her up. Turns out, she’s not a sci-fi author at all. She’s a Paranormal Romance author. It occurred to me that there may be a few people […]

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