A Personal Call To Arms

Hello All! After a very rough sixteen month long hiatus filled with life changes, tragedies and injury, I have returned to blogging–sort of. As I stated in my last blog post of September, 2015, I’d started blogging in 2011 because I was told it’s what all writers who want to be successful do. Yeah, that didn’t […]

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I want to thank the people who have been loyal to keep up with my blog. To you I say a humongous I am taking the summer off from blogging to work on my novel and my flash fiction collection–the latter of which I hope to publish in either May 2016. I will return with […]

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  Welcome back to my little corner of the universe. I am pleased to see you again. So, last year wasn’t a very good one. However, I have faith that this year will be a banner year. So my hope is that you have a 2015 at least five times better than your 2014 was. […]

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