Dear Fellow Writer: Do You!

Dear Fellow Writer, One of the most valuable tools you need in your arsenal of writing is your individual voice. What is voice, you ask? Well, according to James Scott Bell in his book “Voice: The Secret Power of Great Writing” , Voice is: A combination of character, setting, page turning. A distinctive style, like […]

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Dear Aspiring Writers

Dear Aspiring Writers, There are so many of us who start by saying we’re going to write a book someday. We throw out hints of possibilities and dream of what could be. We stand at the precipice and tickle the idea with a feather and wonder, should I? Could I? Before long, we take the […]

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A Personal Call To Arms

Hello All! After a very rough sixteen month long hiatus filled with life changes, tragedies and injury, I have returned to blogging–sort of. As I stated in my last blog post of September, 2015, I’d started blogging in 2011 because I was told it’s what all writers who want to be successful do. Yeah, that didn’t […]

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It’s been a very long, hot and frustrating summer. None of what I took a blogging break to complete, got completed. Life butted in in a big way and caused all manner of upheavals. That said, I am in the process of reevaluating my writing career. No, don’t worry, I’m not giving up–I am just […]