Cover ImageBorn in Dayton, Ohio-the middle and only girl-Y.I. Washington was introduced to science fiction by her parents at a very young age. After seeing Star Wars: A New Hope, and wondering which star in the sky would lead her to Jedi training, Yolanda began to question what else could be in the Universe.

After decades of not pursuing her first love-Astronomy-Yolanda began studying on her own to understand the beauties of the Universe. In her journey of discovery, she came back to her second love, Science Fiction.

Yolanda is now working on several short stories, novellas, and her first sci-fi trilogy. Her first poetry collection, “Freedom: Poetry From A Life” was published in August 2013.

While an avid reader of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thrillers, and Poetry, Yolanda is also a supporter of current and past Independent Authors.

Yolanda currently lives outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her fantastic husband and two parakeets. Just for kicks and giggles, she is a Trekkie, a Whovian, a member of the House of Ravenclaw, and an awesome mini-golfer.

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