As promised, here is the last of four flash fictions pieces. Each is inspired by music from the Pandora radio station Solar Fields. This story was inspired by the song “Entropy” by Stelios Vassiloudis.

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Please enjoy!

He was now the most famous and prolific of serial killers.

Right up there with Jack The Ripper, Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer. Having pulled off the worst killings imaginable, his name would go down in the history books. Special agents, professors, and true crime authors would be clamoring to get exclusive rights to him. He’d be the most feared man in prison.

It didn’t matter that his body was lying in a hospital bed on a ventilator. The trigger happy police having sliced into him with their laser weapons.

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Nick-Smith-author-photo-Anne-Elizabeth-Photography-e1404136888914Join me next week for a guest post from the author of the Extinction Cycle Series, Nicholas Sansbury Smith, will be here with a guest post.

Until then,

“Science fiction is very well suited to asking philosophical questions; questions about the nature of reality, what it means to be human, how do we know the things that we think we know.”
Ted Chiang

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