As promised, I am continuing with flash fictions pieces. This one is not inspired by music from the Pandora radio station Solar Fields.

Please feel free to share with others and leave comments (NO TROLLS).

Please enjoy!

 divorce decree


If Peter Dalls was going to come out on top, he’d have to get rid of his competition. It just really sucked that his competition was his wife.

Looking out of the window of his expensively appointed office, he realized that he’d have to be very clever to pull this off. His competition was number one in the industry with his company being number four. He would be the first suspect the police would come after.

How to kill her and get away with it was a tricky proposition. With her dead, the stock in her company would fall and everyone would come to him.

The alert chimed and his virtual assistant’s seductive voice said, “You have a visitor Mr. Dalls. He is not on your itinerary. Shall I let him in?”

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