This blog post is a part of the “20 Things You Might Not Know About Me” Blog Tag started by April from Blacksburg Belle. She began this blog tag experiment to build community among creatives, help us bloggers to connect more and get to know each other better. This month’s topic is all about sharing just a little too much information about yourself. If you’d like to participate or want more info, check out the beginning post right here.

I was nominated by my sister-friend and awesome writing partner C.A. Nelson.

So, here are a few things you, my readers, do not know about me.

Question 1: How tall are you?

5.3. I’m not short, I’m vertically challenged.

Question 2: Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what?

I am a really good cook when I don’t feel like cooking. If I am nervous, however, all of my cooking endeavors are terrible.

Question 3: What’s your biggest blog-related pet peeve?

I can’t say because it will offend some people.

Question 4: What’s your biggest non-blog related pet peeve?


Question 5: What’s your favorite song?

Currently, my favorite songs are The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) and Raised by Wolves by U2. I put both of these on repeat. I have loved U2 since they first came out.

Question 6: What’s your favorite Etsy shop that isn’t yours?

I currently do not have an Etsy shop. However, my sister Stephanie Jackson has one on CafePress called Dama Sexy (Sexy Lady in Spanish). I love her merchandise. I am slowly buying up one of everything. Check her out, you may find lots to love.

Question 7: What’s your favorite way to spend your free time when you’re alone?

Either reading or catching up on my shows via my DVR. I’m sure my DVR appreciates it when I unload it. We tend to keep it close to 79% full because we don’t watch tv that much during the week.

Question 8: What’s your favorite junk food?

Chocolate. And then there’s chocolate. And anything else chocolate. Oh, did I mention chocolate?

Question 9: Do you have a pet or pets? If so, what kind and what are their names?

We, unfortunately, do not have pets because of my severe allergies. But if we could have them, we’d have a German Shepherd and a Pug that I’d name Huxley after Aldous Huxley.

Question 10: What are your number one favorite nonfiction and fiction books?

My current favorite Non-fiction book is Forgiving Forward: Unleashing the Forgiveness Revolution  by my friend Bruce Hebel. For Fiction, I would say, A Brave New World, Beowulf and The Phantom of the Opera. I honestly can’t recall how many times I’ve read all three.

Question 11: What’s your favorite beauty product?

Anything in the Silk Elements line by Sally Beauty Products. I have curly hair that frizzes badly here in Atlanta’s humidity. Their products keep my hair soft, silky and pretty.

Question 12: When were you last embarrassed? What happened?

I honestly can’t remember. I don’t embarrass easily.

Question 13: If you could only drink one beverage (besides water) for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Oh man, that’s a tough one. It would be between coffee, tea and coconut rum.

Question 14: What’s your favorite movie?

I have very eclectic tastes so that’s a very difficult question. So I’ll go with my favorite sci-fi movie which is now Star Trek Into Darkness.

Question 15: What were you in high school: prom queen, nerd, cheerleader, jock, valedictorian, band geek, loner, artist, prep?

I was known as a bit of a “w”itch in high school because I didn’t take any crap off of anyone. But I was also part of the choir so I was a performer, as well.

Question 16: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Either Hawaii or London.

Question 17: PC or Mac?


Question 18: Last romantic gesture from a crush, date, boy/girlfriend, spouse?

That’s too private to share.

Question 19: Favorite celebrity?

I’m not really into celebrities unless they do something newsworthy such as becoming an ambassador, giving a kidney to a total stranger or something along those lines. That said, I do admire Tina Turner for her bravery, persistence and charm. Having been in an abusive relationship once, myself, I admire her for finally standing up for herself and her children and walking away.

Question 20: What blogger do you secretly want be best friends with?

There are quite a few bloggers that I read, but I’d have to say that I would love to at least meet and hang out with Kirsten Lamb. She is bright, brilliant, a gamer and a geek. She’s my kind of people.

At this stage, I’m supposed to nominate a few bloggers to do this. However, I’m going to cheat a little and nominate anyone who would like to participate.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about me.

I’ll see you all next week with more NaNoWriMo tips and encouragement.

Until then,

The old man paused, and with a sympathetic frown continued.
“They’ve been experimenting on you, I’m afraid.”
Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

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