The Stargate Franchise didn’t end with just three spin-off series.

There were two direct to DVD movies, Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Stargate: Continuuma failed cartoon series Stargate: Infinity (we don’t really discuss that one); video, RPG and board games such as Stargate; Stargate SG-1 Unleashed; Stargate Worlds; Stargate SG-1 Alliance; Stargate Special Ops; Stargate SG-1 Roleplaying Game (now defunct); and several books.

The first movie, Stargate: The Ark of Truth was the continuation of SG-1’s fight with, and destruction of the Ori.


The Ark of Truth is yet another technology created by the Ancients. The Ark could’ve been used millions of years ago to take away the power of the Ori. However, because the Ancients believed in free will, they refused to use it on humanity.

SG-1 goes on an adventure to find and activate The Ark, while also battling infiltrators, Priors, Adria and Replicators.

In Stargate: Continuum, time travel is used in an attempt to destroy the SGC and SG-1.


The final Ba’al clone has been taken to the new Tok’ra homeworld to have his Goa’uld extracted. During the extraction ceremony, members of the SG-1 team begin disappearing.

The real Ba’al had a last ditch plan in place which allowed him change history. Ba’al destroys the other system lords, Vala is back to being the Goa’uld goddess Qetesh and Teal’c is now his First Prime. Ba’al has taken over as the ruler of the Galaxy.

But he still makes a fatal mistake. He tries to take over the Earth. While the SGC doesn’t exist any more, the SG-1 team still retains their memories. And they come out swinging.

There were two other movies in the works, unfortunately, they were put on indefinite hold (*sob*.) Those movies are, Stargate: Extinction,  a stand-alone movie furthering the adventures of the Atlantis series and, Stargate: Revolution, another stand-alone movie featuring SG-1.

Unfortunately, both movies were shelved indefinitely because of the cancelation of Stargate Universe after only two seasons (again, *sob*.)

The original Stargate movie was intended as a trilogy. In 2006 at San Diego ComicCon, producer and writer Dean Devlin stated that he had a deal with MGM to work on the remaining movies he’d envisioned for the big screen. As of 2012, Devlin stated he hasn’t given up hope on seeing these movies come to fruition.

Don’t worry, Dean, we haven’t either.

Thank you for joining with me over the last several weeks as I payed homage to the Stargate Franchise. It has been really fun reminiscing with you.

For the remainder of this month, I will be taking a little break. However, I won’t leave you floating in space alone. Come back over the next three weeks for guest blog posts from Steamfunk author Milton J. Davis and Pulp, sci-fi and thriller author extraordinaire, Bobby Nash.

Next week, I have a special post for all of my Writer friends from Nikolas Baron, SEO Manager of

In September, I will return with weekly posts of my newest sci-fi story, along with a new contest that I’m sure you’re gonna like.

Until then,

General Landry: Good luck, SG-1.

Lt. Colonel Mitchell: Just another everyday mission to save the galaxy, sir

.SG-1: Indeed.

General Landry: Godspeed.

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