Thank you intrepid Stargate fans for sticking with me for this reminiscent walk through the Stargate.

This week, I’d like to begin discussing the third and final series in the franchise.

Stargate Universe


This particular series has a different feel than the previous two. In an attempt to bring a new flavor and renewed vigor to the franchise, this series was given darker tone. With an ensemble cast of eight main and many secondary crewmembers, the stories were more about the crew and their internal issues than the missions.

As in the previous two series, new experiments on traveling to further destinations through the Stargate start a new adventure.

In the Atlantis series, it took 8 Chevrons on the gate to reach the Pegasus galaxy. In Universe, they are experimenting with 9. The only thing is, the amount of power needed for such a long journey is enormous.

Not wishing to build a super gate, the SGC decides to use an established gate on the  Icarus Base on a far-flung planet. Using the core of the planet to activate the 9th Chevron, there is a desperate need to stabilize the process so the planet isn’t blown to bits.

To accomplish this monumental task, a young slacker genius named Eli Wallace (David Blue) is brought in to solve the dilemma. Just as he does, the base is attacked by the Lucian Alliance (Vala’s old pals).

Many people die in th. The only way to escape was through the Stargate. Eli, Senator Alan Armstrong (Christopher McDonald), his daughter Chloe (Elyse Levesque) and IOA representative Camile Wray (Ming Na) are all forced along with other scientists and military through the gate to an unknown destination. While there was a desire to send an expedition through the gate to a 9 Chevron destination, no one wanted to go like this.

DestinyAnd that destination is one of the main characters of the show. Just as the city/ship of Atlantis was a character in the second series, the Ancient’s ship Destiny is a character itself.

The large, automated ship was created by the Ancients to explore the planets on which the Ancients had seeded Stargates. Some of the Ancients had intended to take up residence on the ship and visit the seeded planets. However, because of their Ascension, the ship was left to continue its course unmanned.

The series only lasted 2 seasons. Each week found the crew learning to live on the old, failing ship billions of light-years from Earth. Civilians against military, the desperation to keep the ship from falling apart, and the very real possibility of never seeing home and loved ones again fueled the plots of each episode.

The other main crewm are:

  • Dr. Nicholas Rush is (Robert Carlysle) the head of the project for activating the 9th Chevron. Definitely not an easy man to get along with on the best of days, Dr. Rush is responsible for heading up all repairs on the ship as well as plotting a way home.
  • Colonel Everett Young (Louis Ferreira) is the commander of the Icarus Base. Young became the unwilling leader of the Destiny crew thanks to the attack on the Icarus Base.
  • Lt. Matthew Scott, (Brian J. Smith) Young’s second in command.
  • Chloe Armstrong, (Elyse Levesque) daughter of the Senator and later becomes Lt. Scott’s love interest.
  • Genius slacker Eli Wallace (David Blue) along with Dr. Rush works to keep the Destiny flying.
  • Lt. Tamara Johansen (Alaina Huffman) is the reluctant Chief Medical officer with only the skills of a medic. She and Young previously had an affair which ended prior to the Icarus attack–or did it?
  • MSgt. Ronald Greer (Jamil Walker) is Lt. Scott’s second in command as well as best friend. A consummate Marine, Greer was headed for a court-martial for hitting a superior officer. However, once on the Destiny, that little issue was put to the side. His skills as a soldier were more important that putting him in the brig for something he’d done billions of light-years away.
  • Camile Wray (Ming-Na) is the HR director on Icarus. Once on the Destiny, she took up her role as an ear for the displaced humans. However, her role becomes more of an antagonist to the military personnel onboard.

Luckily for the crew, they are not totally cut-off from Earth. Join me next week when I explain how that could be.

Until then,

Greer:I can’t think of a better way to move on from – from this world into the next, or whatever comes, than to fly into the most powerful thing in all creation … a star. Out in a blaze of glory. I like that. That’s beautiful.


Stargate Wiki

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