You would think having a race of alien vampires evolved from an experiment on bugs and humans would be enemy enough for the new citizens of Atlantis.

Not by a long shot.

Lucky for the fans, the creators of the show decided that there needed to be as many enemies as possible. I told you about the Wraith last week. This week, I’d like to introduce you to four more enemies, one of which may surprise you.

The first enemy is a race of humans called the Genaii.


On the surface (literally), these humans appear to be simple farmers. Their best product is the tava bean (not to be confused with Hannibal Lecter and his fava beans and a fine chianti). They sell these beans to several worlds and use that product as well as others to feed their people.

The bulk of their society, however, lives underground in giant bunkers where they develop technology that they use to defend themselves from the Wraith.

The Genii learned a long time ago that technology was a surefire way to attract the wrath of the Wraith. A suspicious group of people, they tend to only see unknown races as a means to an end. Thanks to Teyla, the Atlantan’s are introduced. Once the Genii find out what types of weapons the new humans have, they begin hatching plot after plot to take it all. This also includes the city of Atlantis.

Next we have the Ancients themselves. Yes, you read that correctly. Surprise!


A Lantean ship called the Tria was damaged during the Wraith wars. They received a message that the rest of the Lanteans’ were bailing on the Pegasus galaxy and heading back to Earth. The crew altered their hyperdrive into an intergalactic hyperdrive and headed back to the Milky Way.

While on the way, the hyperdrive hiccupped. The Lanteans altered the sub-light drive and this allowed time subspace to pass at a different rate. Placing themselves in stasis for the long ride, the ship was actually found by the crew of the Daedalus and sent back to Atlantis. Once there, the Lanteans decided that they wanted their home back. They use a device, previously unknown about by the new residents, and initiate a lockout of all human access.

General O’Neill and Richard Woolsey of the IOA come over to negotiate allowing humans to stay there to continue their research and war against the Wraith. The Lanteans aren’t having it and due to the threat of the Ori in the Milky Way, the expedition is disbanded and everyone is sent back home.

The next enemy of the Pegasus galaxy comes in at this point. This enemy is an offshoot of the Replicators. In the Pegasus galaxy, they are called Asurans.


You see, at one point the Lanteans created angry nanites in a bid to use them to destroy the Wraith way back when. However, the nanites started interlocking and took on human form. Once it was found that the Asurans (because that was the planet the were created on and became “human” on) couldn’t be used as weapons, the Lanteans attempted to destroy them.

A few survived and rebuilt their city in the image of a Lantean city ship, only bigger and better. When the Lanteans came back to Atlantis, the Asurans showed up.

They wanted payback.

Thinking that the Asurans couldn’t possibly attack them because of their programming, the Lanteans were taken by surprise when they did.

General O’Neill was able to send off a message to Earth letting them know about the threat. Next thing you know, the Atlantis crew were raring up for a rescue.

These two Season 3 episodes, titled “The Return, Part 1 & 2” are 2 of  the best in the series as far as I am concerned. I won’t ruin the experience by giving away the rest, so do yourself a favor and re-watch or watch this amazing series as soon as you can.

The final surprising enemy became enemies of the Atlantis Expedition out of a desire to destroy the Wraith.


The Vanir, an offshoot of the Asgard, lived in the Pegasus galaxy and suffered the same bad effects of cloning as their Milky Way counterparts.

Not at all benevolent like the Asgard, the Vanir believed that they could and should do anything and everything to survive. Allowing their species to die out, wasn’t an option. They used the cover of the Wraith/Lantean war to hide their horrific experiments. They figured that by the time the war ended, they’d have found a solution to their problem.

So they decided to experiment on humans to stabilize their genome. Their experiments weren’t pretty. Deciding to hide out on a toxic planet, the Vanir created an exoskeleton suit which doubled as battle armor and life support.

Of course, as we all know, the Wraith do not tolerate other species having advanced technology and after the Lanteans left, they turned their attentions to the Vanir. After all of their ships were destroyed, the Vanir made their home on the toxic planet.

Finally venturing off of their planet, the Vanir found a Lantean outpost which held a weapon which could destroy the Wraith. Unfortunately, it was missing something.

When they finally met the Atlantean team, along with Dr. Daniel Jackson (I won’t tell you how they met, watch the episode), the Asgard had already committed mass suicide. This was unacceptable to the Vanir.

The downside of the weapon they’d found was something so unconscionable that it made the Vanir enemies of the Atlantis crew.

One never wants to make an enemy of anyone attached to the Stargate program.

Join me next week when, introduce you to the third series in the Stargate Multiverse, “Stargate Universe”.

Until then,

Dr. McKay: I’m Doctor Rodney McKay! Difficult takes seconds, impossible, a few minutes![Bill Nye, in the background, turns and looks at McKay, annoyed]


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