Welcome back through the Stargate!

Over the past 5 weeks, we’ve discussed the movie which started a new Multiverse, as well as the first series, Stargate SG-1. We’ve talked about the enemies and their proclivities toward destruction and enslavement.

This week, I’d like to tell you about some of the SG-1 family.

As the series progressed, a few of the original cast either died (Dr. Janet Frasier ) or were promoted (General Hammond and Colonel O’Neill). Their replacements proved to be as up to the task as their predecessors.

General Hammond was promoted as the head of Homeworld Command in Washington, DC and the newly promoted Lt. General O’Neill became head of the SGC. O’Neill’s replacement is one of the hero’s of the Battle of Antarctica, Lt. Colonel Cameran “Shaft” Mitchell (Ben Browder).


Mitchell was injured during the battle, however, after he recovered, he was the best choice to take over for Lt. Samantha Carter (She’d taken over as leader of SG-1 after O’Neill had been promoted) when she’d been transferred to Area 51. Teal’c returned to his people and Daniel was doing research down in Antarctica for the Atlantis project.

One of the first priorities for Mitchell, was to “get the band back together”. He did this and SG-1 was back in business.

In 2005, Hammond retired and O’Neill was promoted to the head of Homeworld Command. At this time, O’Neill was replaced as head of SGC by Major General Henry Landry (Played by Beau Bridges). He in turn was replaced by Brigadier General Samantha Carter.


Dr. Frasier was K.I.A and after a while, was replaced by General Landry’s estranged daughter, Dr. Carolyn Lam (Lexa Doig).


Of course, one of my very favorite new additions to the family, is a woman who brought trials, new contacts, the Lucian Alliance, the Ori, and much laughter to the SG-1 team. I am speaking of none other than the former thief and con-artist, Vala Mal Doran (Claudia Black).


 If you’ve just had a Farscape flashback, don’t feel bad. You aren’t the only one, nor the first.

This beautiful woman started out as a domestic slave to a weapon’s smuggler, whom she later killed. She was then taken as a host for the Goa’uld “god” Qetesh, rival of Ba’al, and watched as her body was unwillingly used to harm the people of Qetesh’s domain.

Lead by a Tok’ra rebellion, her people rose up, captured her, beat and tortured her until the Tok’ra took pity on her and removed the offending snake from her person.

Dr. Daniel Jackson was the first member of SG-1 to meet Vala. She faked being in distress, came onto the ship Prometheus and took it over after stunning the entire crew. She drove Daniel nuts by first fighting and flirting with him and then tricking him into aiding her in attempting to sell the Prometheus to the Lucian Alliance (more on them later) for a huge shipment of Naquadah.

After saving her life and throwing her in the brig, only for her to escape, Daniel thought he was done with her.

Boy was he wrong.

Vala returns with an Ancient tablet (although she doesn’t know that’s what it is), asks for Daniel’s help in deciphering it, shackles him to her with a pair of kor mok bracelets and leads the entire SGC to a cavern in England which was used by the Ancients and. Then, via an Ancient communications device, ends up sending her and Daniel’s consciousness to another galaxy where they meet the dreaded Ori.

Oh, and did I mention, she sacrificed herself to 250px-Adria_Ark_of_Truthdestroy the first Ori Supergate. Of course, she was sent through the Supergate to another galaxy, married an Ori supporter and, after becoming impregnated by the Ori, gave birth to the Orici (Ori Army leader from Hell) Adria (portrayed by Morena Baccarin) and helped destroy the Ori for all time?

Yeah, she’s a bit of a bad ass.

Though she has made his life a living hell on various occasions, Daniel became her biggest supporter, over time. Vala became an integral part of SG-1 and remains to this day.


Tune in next week for a post about a few of the amazing alien allies of the SGC.

Until then, please enjoy this Stargate quote about Vala.

Look, I know she’s no angel. She has lied, she has stolen, she has cheated, she has misrepresented herself, she has… lied. But, she also risked her life to warn us that the Ori were on their way, and almost sacrificed herself to shut down the very first Ori supergate.Daniel Jackson


Stargate Wiki

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