Welcome back to my tribute to the Stargate Multiverse.


For the past few weeks, we’ve discussed the enemies of SG-1, the first series spin-off in the franchise. This week, I’d like to discuss one of the more dangerous enemies and a group of allies (sort of).

In some of the best world building in science fiction, we see a society which thrives for a very long time. That is until some of the people in that society decide that they want to go a different route. Usually this means that they do not believe in or support the prevailing philosophies and beliefs of the whole.

This has happened in the Star Trek universe with the Vulcans and Romulans.

The first major societal split, with dire consequences in the Stargate Multiverse, were the Alterans.


In Stargate lore, the Alteran race was the first evolution of humans. They have existed for hundreds of millions of years and were the creators of the Stargates, which they seeded over the known universe.

The Alterans also created several other amazing technological advances. Their technology makes our most advanced stuff look like sticks and rocks by comparison.

The Alteran race, along with the Asgard, Nox and Furlings made up the Alliance of Four Great Races. All four were the most powerful and technologically advanced civilizations millions of years ago in our universe.

The Alterans were a big deal.

The Alterans studied how to Ascend to a higher plane of existence. At this point, many of the Atlerans began believing more in their Ascension and capabilities as something which could aid lesser species. They believed that they should insinuate themselves into these cultures in exchange for knowledge and advancements.

These Alterans started out with good intentions.

The remaining Alterans; however believed that they shouldn’t interfere with the development of other species. They believed in free will and thought that others ought to be left to evolve as they were intended to.

The split in philosophy brought about the religious Ori and the scientific and practical Alterans, or Ancients as they became known later.

The Ori spiraled into fanaticism and decided that they needed to destroy their brethren.

AncientsKnowing that their numbers were too few to win an all out war with the Ori, the Ancients built massive spaceships with intergalactic hyperdrive technology and got the heck out of dodge. Eventually, they landed here in the Milky Way and did their best to hide from the Ori.

Both the Ancients and the Ori finally ascended. Even in this new plane of existence, the Ori still tried to destroy the Ancients.

In our plane of existence, though, the Ori used their power to demand Ori Priorworship. Especially since it was found that the more people worshipped them, the more powerful they would become. The way that this energy swap worked was for the worshippers to give up their free will. Something that the Ancients were against.

The Ori were now corrupted from their initial benevolent cause of helping lesser species.

The Ori branched out into many galaxies, converting all to the religion of fear and total domination. As long as the Ori stayed out of the Pegasus and Milky Way galaxies, the Ancients didn’t interfere. Even though there were a few rebels (Oma comes to mind), the Ancients had a strict noninterference policy.

However, thanks to an accidental consciousness transfer of Daniel Daniel_Valaand Vala Mal Doran (more about her later) with two people in a distant galaxy who were believers/rebels, the Ori became aware of the potential for more worshipers in the Milky Way.

It would take a lot more time and words to describe to you the destruction wrought by the Ori in the Milky way. So instead, I will suggest that if you haven’t seen Stargate SG-1, buy (or rent from Netflix) the entire series and you’ll see for yourselves just how disastrous the Ori’s crusade was on our galaxy.

The remaining Goa’uld were even convinced that the Ori needed to be destroyed. Mostly, because the Ori were a threat to their power, but because the Goa’uld could also see that should the Ori defeated the humans in the Milky Way, they wouldn’t stop there–the Goa’uld would fall, as well.

Using a Supergate which pulled energy from a nearby Black Hole, the 270px-Odyssey_supergateOri attempted to bring their massive fleet through to our galaxy. Thanks to Vala, the first Supergate was destroyed.

The Ori tried again and succeeded. Starting a war in our Galaxy which ended with their total defeat.

But don’t take my word for it. Watch the series, specifically seasons 9 & 10 and the movie Ark of Truth.

Come back next week, when I will introduce you to a few of the SG-1 allies and friends.

Until then, please enjoy this Stargate quote.

Hammond: It’s always darkest before the dawn. My uncle used to say that all the time; he was a wedding planner.


Stargate Wiki


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