Welcome back intrepid adventurers.

In continuing with the Stargate 20th Anniversary series, let’s take a trip through the Stargate.

Every good story has an antagonist which challenges, stretches and occasionally beats the protagonist. In this case, our main enemy is the Goa’uld.


Yes, folks, that little ugly snake thing is the scourge of the universe. These nasty little snakes inhabit other humanoid beings and use their bodies to live, usually, tens of thousands of years.

UnasThey first took over a race of beings called the Unas. Then, through stealing other beings’ technologies and growing their empire throughout the universe, they stumbled upon humans and found that our bodies worked better for their needs. Especially since they could use their Sarcophagi to heal the body and thus prolong their lives.

When they take over a human as a host, they effectively drown out the consciousness of the person. They don’t ask if someone wants to be a host–they just take them. Usually, they take the best looking and fittest. Apparently these worms are obsessed with appearance.

As they are an ancient race, compared to humans, they’ve had a long while to spread their brand of evil to the far reaches. Thus, when the Goa’uld and other aliens showed up on Earth several millennia ago, they were considered gods. These arrogant worms take credit for humanity’s evolution.

Guess they shouldn’t have done such a good job, because now we are in a place to fight back.

As you can imagine, there is a rich in-depth history about this alien race. Wars, in-fighting, slavery, lots of theft of property, and murder are some of the highlights.

SG-1, however, has more enemies than the Goa’uld. There is one, which the Stargate allies, the Asgard state are worse than the Goa’uld.

This enemy has no emotion and only does what it is programmed or created to do–build more of its own, and destroy its target with impunity.

The enemy is called The Replicators.

250px-ReeseOnce upon a time, there was a child-like gynoid (android) named Reese. This gynoid was made up of self-replicating nanites which could repair any damage to her.

Pretty Reese was far more intelligent than the average android but, unfortunately, had the maturity of a little child.

Reese was feared by the citizens of her planet and had to stay inside a lot. So, to keep from getting bored, sweet Reese created the Replicators as her toys. She used her nanobots to create the Replicator blocks. Seems harmless, right?

However, like all fairy tales progress, this one takes a nasty turn. The citizens’ fear of Reece and her toys grew. They decided to try and destroy her. She then programmed the “toys” to protect her and themselves.


Can you see where this is going? When you create little insect robots to protect you, and you have massive intellect but a child’s maturity, your toys are going to turn into unstoppable killer robot bugs.

Reese ended up destroying her world out of fear of them destroying her. Left alone, Reese placed herself in a secure vault and went into stasis. She was found by the SG-1 team, taken to earth and awakened.

I’m all for discovery and saving a life, but in hindsight, this might not have been the best of ideas.200px-Replicator_holdoff

The SGC was overrun by Reese’s toys, until Dr. Daniel Jackson talked her into surrendering. He told her that she could be shut down until the error in her programming, which made her immature (and a little bat crap crazy), could be fixed. Of course, just as she was agreeing, O’Neill rushes into the gate room and blasts her. Thus, ending the Replicators and their creator.

The End.

Or is it?

There are many other enemies of the SGC and Earth. Many of them are the different Goa’uld System Lords and their Jaffa. Gods such as Apophis, Cronus, Sokar, Ba’al, Yu, Kali and the bad boy of the bunch, Anubis.

Anubis was so bad that the System Lords came together to fight him (since that had worked in the past), only to find he was much stronger now.

After the decimation of the Goa’uld, there was a vacuum. And as with all vacuums, this one was filled by bad guys worse than the Goa’uld and Replicators combined.

Join me next week when I investigate Anubis and The Ori.

Until then,  enjoy another of my favorite quotes from the show.

Carter: It’s possible she’s giving off some sort of signal or frequency that repels them, maybe not even by design, but by coincidence.
O’Neill: Bug spray?


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