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NPMThis week, I’d like to introduce you to a poet that I met over the web back in October 2013, when she contacted me for a review of her collection. She sent me a free copy of her book. I was so hooked that I supported her by not only writing a review, but purchasing a copy.

I am speaking of Scottish Christian Poet, Eliza Earsman.


I became intrigued by Eliza when I read the dedication in her book “A Collection of Verse”, which simply states:

“For justice — and decent people.”

This simple dedication told me all I needed to know about this poet. I knew I’d at worst like, at best love her work. And I definitely love “Schooldays”, “From Jerusalem”, “Ode to the Odorous”, “Home In On The Range”, and “Glasgow”.

Eliza was born and raised in Scotland. She is unapologetic and honest in her writing and is unafraid of taking risks in her poetry.

Her autobiographical works do not always follow conventional means, but her brutally honest depictions have done much to raise international awareness about Freemasonry.

Eliza’s published works include:

• ‘Days of Elijah: A True Story‘ (being updated).

• A film script + material for documentaries prepared on this true story.

• ‘A Collection of Verse.’ Nonfiction. (Which I own and LOVE!)

‘It Started With A Tree’: illustrated nonfiction book for children/adults.

‘When Silence Is Betrayal: Nonfiction

Eliza likes clean air and decent people. She is a member of literary communities and has traveled internationally.

Feel free to connect with Eliza on Facebook and via Email She does welcome feedback as well as invitations for speaking engagements.

I asked Eliza to send me a poem she’d like you to read and without further ado, I give you,


Ollie was a little cat—his eyes with beauty glowing,

And everywhere that Ollie went

His tale was in there, showing.


Underneath a car they put our Ollie.

He did wonder

Just what he’d done to know the fate—      

Being kicked out, put asunder.


Along came Dee and she did say

“This isn’t right; I’ll listen.

To this cruel fate I mustn’t let poor Ollie go.”

No wonder!


So in came Dee and spoke with Mogs.

“Bring Ollie in” says she.

So Mogs did listen carefully,

And Ollie came as brother.


Oh Olls and Mogs we love you two,

And Johnny does so also.

He took his part and cared for both

When Dee to Oz did wander!


Ollie does contentment show,

No badness in him; beauty.

He showed his love of heart and home,

His family, care, attention!


In garden Olls did sleep around

Midst plants secure and flowers!

From bench he did come in for tea,

Whenever he was called to!


He liked his Gran when she did call

He took her just for granted.

And she does note: 

Appreciation of his need,

His self-respect, acceptance!


Now Ollie’s gone to that safe place

Where little cats are called to,

And asking Dee and Johnny—

“Live long, live well, and please go on.”

To Dee and Johnny—“love you.”


A Collection of Verse by Eliza Earsman – copyright 2014.

All rights reserved.

Available in print and e-book via

Thank you for joining me this month as I featured 4 poets that I admire and enjoy. I do hope you have found a new favorite.

Join me for my next blog series as I celebrate the 20th anniversary of the cult classic movie “Stargate“. I will discuss the movie, its 3 franchises and impact on Science Fiction.

Until then,

“The stars are but tears
shed by a miriad
of unrequited dreams;
each sparks with fire
and guides its light homeward
when a dream is revealed”
― Basith

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