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As I mentioned last week, April is National Poetry Month. For the next four weeks, I will feature poets that I admire. This week I’d like to introduce you to one of the persons who encouraged me to pursue my writing.

Daryl_FunnDaryl Funn (Mistafunn) was born on August 30 1972, and grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, where—entranced with Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, and Nikki Giovanni—he began to write at the age of 9.

As an author and poet, his poems and books feature a unique and refreshing style that engages the reader to become attached to the story. Many consider his approach innovative in that it never has just one way to look at the story even from the beginning.   Moving to Georgia at age 24, he put himself through college earning a fine arts Bachelors in 2004.

 On faith, Mistafunn began his career as a conceptual designer by starting a business The Misadventures of D-zine.

Daryl joined the Java Monkey Slam team in 2009, with a 2nd place victory in the April slam finals. Mistafunn’s focus is delivering a memorable performance. His extensive toastmaster, theatre , and classical vocal training allows him to create an environment where his audience is not just wowed, but left educated.

At the end of the 2009 season, Mistafunn was offered the opportunity to lead the 2010 Java Monkey Slam Team as Slam Master. As of 2014 he continues to perform the role.

Bringing over 15 years of experience in organization, marketing, as well as 20 plus years of performance training, Daryl’s concentration is branding the identity of the team into the Atlanta Community.

2006 The Dae the Sun Wouldnt Rise 
2007 Misery Loves Company 
2008 The Extra Medium Social Outcast (chat Book) 
2011 Take That to the Bank
CD Realease
2009 – At Best the Worst Funn You Ever Had
2014 – Mistafunn Tryin 2 Be Relevant (coming soon)
2008 Art Amok Slam Team Member 
2008 National Poetry Slam Madison Wisconsin 
2009 Java Monkey Slam Team Member 
2009 National Poetry Slam West Palm Beach, FL 
2010 – Current Java Monkey Slam Master 
2010 National Poetry Slam St Paul MN 
2011 Southern Fried Poetry Champs (team)
2011 National Poetry Slam Cambridge MA
2012 National Poetry Slam Charlotte NC
2013 National Poetry Slam Boston MA
2014 Java Monkey Grand Slam Champion
Where to see Mistafunn. 
4th  Tuesdays Host Marlee’s Coffee and Tea 
3rd Thursdays Host Urban Grind
Poem – CLOCKS by mistafunn
We begin by counting seconds
if you can make it to 60 without breaking 
you are one of the lucky ones
They say it gets easier
I try to imagine the sound of a clock 
Always running
never skipping a beat
pulse racing 
I remember normal
That’s when I lose track of time 
I start over 
I begin by counting seconds 
hoping the time will pass and I wont think about missing you
They say it gets easier 
They lied
I have a friend who told me about her loss of someone close
and although she keeps the memory tucked away
in that beautiful place 
I can still see her counting the seconds  
When she speaks
Voice always remembering normal
Never skipping a beat
This is not easy
I miss you


I never knew how to lose a sister
We hated each other when we were kids
but that is what Siblings do
She’d tell on me 
I told her she was adopted
she touched my stuff
I tried to sell her for some X-men comic books
Going to the playground
I had to take her with me
and bring her back
This was our normal
it was always us 
never skipping a beat
always running
I lose track sometimes
and I think about calling you
I start over


But I don’t need second chances 
Every time we spoke we said I love you more than goodbye
So I don’t have regrets 
Just tell me how to survive a minute 
when there are no answers to hard questions
they told us your heart skipped a beat 
and forgot normal lost track of time
but did not start over
I am the oldest
You’re supposed to finish second
Sorry for being selfish
I forgive you for cheating
if you understand being an only child is not what i really wanted
I imagine the sound of clocks
Never skipping a beat
I wonder
why was it your time
We still have a bunch of 1sts to count 
Your daughter is now a mother for the first time
She made it through high school without becoming 
a Baltimore statistic
she is making 1st steps as a woman
and her only foot hold is mom
never skipping a beat
Playing the role mother, grandmother, great-grandmother
3 generations trying to remember normal
Time ticking every second
stuck on what now
attempting  to keep it together 
Parents should not have to bury their children
Siblings should not be caught in the amnesia of letting go
I don’t know how else to say it         
it’s not like I like you 


I miss you
That’s what siblings do
Again I count seconds
Put on a familiar face
Hands move routine
Keeping busy
Ticking around in cycles
never skipping a beat
forgetting what is normal
remembering every time
you told me something
I keep it tucked away in that beautiful place 
Avoiding people who ask how are you feeling
How do you answer
Please don’t ask me 
God knows why
He’s not telling
No matter how much time passes
it’s always today
Hearts are not clocks
Why did yours stop
Stop this train
I want to get off
Turn back time
Lets start over
I want to cry 
I don’t know how
Big brother know all the answers
I’m sorry                     
They try to tell me to take it one day at a time 
But when seconds feel like light years   
This is not easy   
I miss you

I applaud Daryl Funn for his beautiful, talented words.  Please check him out on his website as well as and YouTube. You can also connect with Mistafunn on Facebook and Twitter.

Join me next week as I introduce you to Collin Kelley, poet, author and journalist.

Until then,

“Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.”
― Plato

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