As many of you know, I am not just a science fiction author.

My first published work, is a poetry collection that I’d worked on for over 20 years titled “Freedom: Poetry From A Life”. 

I’ve had a love of poetry since I was a kid. My adopted Grandfather, Allen Horwitz, introduced me to Shakespeare when I was a youngster. Then, he introduced me to Robert Frost, Edgar Allen Poe, Paul Larence Dunbar, and Langston Hughes. I later fell in love with Nikki Giovanni, Jill Scott and several others.

Poetry has been the way I’ve expressed my emotions and dealt with deep thoughts.

In honor of National Poetry Month, I would like to introduce you to four poets I have come to admire. Starting next week, I will feature Daryl “MistaFunn” FunnCollin Kelley, Lizzy Fox and Eliza Earsman and their unique poetry styles.

Join me for the next four weeks as I feature each of these amazingly talented voices.

To start things off, I will share a poem with you from my first published work, Freedom: Poetry From A Life” now available on in paperback and ebook.



Tranquility and beauty
wash over me
with waves breaking
over my soul
I can’t control
the emotion
I feel

This is
the most
the notes
the clarity
the ethereal of it all
I feel

My body is floating
on the ocean
as the sun is setting
I am sailing away
with this feeling
something flows
through me
which is
so rarely

Amazing how
one song
can come out of the blue
and bring tears to my eyes
showing me
beauty never before known

calling me
caressing me
showing me
the deepest
of my deepest heart

Who is this
in my veins
blowing my mind
freeing me
at the same time
the heavens
into the size of a pin head
then expanding them
into infinity

What is this
through my mind
in a place that
I never knew
there in the far corner
of that space
right above my left ear

I can’t feel
anything but
this music now
I want to cry
I want to laugh
I want to…

If you missed my previous video posting, here is the link to my YouTube channel. Once I’ve had the chance to perform again, I’ll be sure to post more vidoes.

Please join me next week, when I feature the multi-talented Daryl Funn. Daryl wrote the introduction to my book and was an influential force in helping me to decide to pursue a writing career.

Until then,

“Poetry, like jazz, is one of those dazzling diamonds of creative industry that help human beings make sense out of the comedies and tragedies that contextualize our lives.”
― AberjhaniJourney through the Power of the Rainbow: Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry


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