Good Morning my fellow Geeks!

I apologize for the unintended Hiatus. The last few weeks have seen me spending quite a bit of time with my poetry collection, as well as attempting NaNoWriMo (need more caffeine!!!!). I have had two readings and they went swimmingly. There’s something cathartic and freeing about reading my words and having others appreciate them.

I will return next week with a post on Neal Stephenson. If you’ve never heard of him, he’s the author of “The Baroque Cycle” trilogy, “Anathema” and “Snow Crash” (if you haven’t read him, what are you waiting for?).

Neal is an advocate for a more positive outlook in our Speculative Fiction. As his Bio on Goodreads states, he is best known “for his science fiction works in the postcyberpunk genre with a penchant for explorations of society, mathematics, cryptography, currency, and the history of science.” Yep, my kind of author.

Next week, I will specifically focus on his explorations of society, as well as Project Hieroglyph, which rallies authors to purpose to write more positive stories to “inspire a new generation to, as he puts it, “get big stuff done.”

In the meantime, please enjoy this video of one of my poetry readings at the Urban Grind Coffeehouse in Atlanta, GA.

If you’d like to check out my poetry collection, feel free on Amazon.com.

Until next week, enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday and all the football you can stand (Ohio State Buckeyes will destroy the Michigan)!

I leave you with this quote from Neal Stephenson:

“When you are wrestling for possession of a sword, the man with the handle always wins.”
Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash


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