Welcome back to my list of our favorite Storming the Castle scenes in sci-fi or comic based movies.

Essentially, these scenes are when the good guys, go after the bad guys HQ to take back what was stolen, or destroy the baddies. These scenes make us cheer and root for the destruction of the enemy.

This week, I want to introduce you to a movie which is one of my favorites for many reasons. If you’ve ever read A Brave New World” by Aldous Huxely, or “1984” by George Orwell and loved them as I did, then you will understand why I am enamored with this brilliant movie.

Cover of "Equilibrium"
Cover of Equilibrium

But I being poor, have only my dreams. I’ve spread my dreams under your feet. Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.” William Butler Yeats

In “Equilibrium”Christian Bale stars as Grammaton Cleric John Preston, the top agent trained to find and eradicate all forms of books, art, music and people, called Sense Offenders, who wish to live outside of the law. A law which believes that by destroying the things which create or entice emotion, humankind will no longer indulge in wars. Peace will reign.

But at what cost.

John Preston’s character is a card-carrying believer of this mindset, as is most of the populace. By utilizing the drug Prozium, which alters the mind by removing the chemical interactions which produce emotions, the populace inside the city of Libria (children included) are kept in a dispassionate state of existence. Everyone watches everyone else for signs of emotion. All have been indoctrinated in the horrors of allowing such a thing to again control humanity. Fear of another World War is the excuse for all citizens to capitulate to this way of life.

Interesting how in a society supposedly devoid of emotion, fear and ambition are still alive in those who police and carry out the laws.

Through a series of events, beginning with the death of his partner, Preston undergoes a character arc change which brings about a Storming the Castle scene of epic proportions.

Armed with only a samurai sword, two guns and the knowledge of a form of fighting called Gun Kata, Preston opens up an impressive keg of  butt whoop in the Tetragrammaton Council building.


(VIolence, View Discretion is Advised).

If you created a Storming the Castle list, would this scene be on it? Which scenes would you include? Leave a comment and let me know. Remember, all persons who leave comments on my website over the next 12 days (which are not spam) are entered into a drawing to receive an autographed copy of my upcoming poetry collection Freedom: Poems From A Life, to be released September 1st.

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Join me next week when I take you on a mission with Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi.


Video from, posted by R03R, Courtesy of Dimension Films, Blue Tulip Productions, Miramax Films,

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