Matrix Reloaded

Last week, I started sharing a list of ten Storming The Castle scenes in Sci-fi or a comic movie as determined by my husband and me. The list is not in order of best to, well, last best, nor is it exhaustive.

In May of 2003, my husband and I sat in a movie theater in Atlanta and in the first 3 1/2 minutes of the film, had. Our. Minds. BLOWN! We saw the beginning of a movie which had done something that other movies had not for quite awhile–it surprised us.

The opening scene of The Matrix Reloaded was brilliant for so many reasons. Here are just a few of those reasons.

From a writer point of view, the Wachowski brothers (which is really a brother and sister) broke the rules: do not start with a dream sequence. They did–and made all of the rest of us green with envy because they did it so well. By using a writing technique called circularity, we get to see the scene again at the end, but to its surprising conclusion. They also used this technique in the first movie. Few writers actually pull this off without giving away too much in the beginning.

From a motorcycle lover’s point of view, jumping a motorbike from one building to another was stellar; not to mention using a bike as a bomb (which was pretty sweet, if you ask me). Although, it did hurt my heart a little to watch a bike be destroyed like that.

Then there’s the action…whoa Nelly! Trinity lends a beat down to the guards reminiscent of Michelle Yeoh. Using only her body and a motorcycle helmet, she laid down the law on the poorly armed (and trained) security guards.

Don’t take my word for it. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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If you created a Storming the Castle list, would this scene be on it? Which scenes would you include? Leave a comment and let me know. Remember, all persons who leave comments on my website over the next 19 days (which are not spam) are entered into a drawing to receive an autographed copy of my upcoming poetry collection Freedom: Poems From A Life, due to be released September 1st.

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Join me next week when I introduce you to the final fight scene of the movie Equilibrium starring Christian Bale.


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