A few weeks ago, my hubby and I were watching “Blade II” and I told him that movie had two good “Storming the Castle” scenes in a sci-fi, or comic book based movie. However, they weren’t in my top ten.


So, we started talking about others. And we came up with a list of movies that ranked high in our idea of best scenes. Granted, this list isn’t exhaustive, as I am sure we left out a few. Nor is it in order from best to worst. However, for the next ten weeks, I’m going to let you in on our list.


These movies are our favorites not only because of the action, but the dialogue, acting, cinematography and themes as well. This week we’ll start down the rabbit hole.



In the Matrix, our hero Neo has decided to mount a rescue attempt to save the life of the formidable Morpheus. To do this, Neo and Trinity have to break into a highly secure “Federal” building. There are dozens of seriously armed-to-the-teeth guards waiting to shoot the crap out of anyone that comes in starting stuff.


Oh yeah, and there are three deadly agents upstairs questioning Morpheus.


The agents want the codes to override the security of the last human city–Zion. Morpheus is fighting their techniques as hard as he can. He believes in Neo, even if Neo doesn’t believe in himself.


Neo knows he can’t let Morpheus die for him. He has to do whatever’s necessary, including give his life, to save this man. After all, if it weren’t for Morpheus, Neo would never know the truth about the Matrix.


So breaking into a highly secure building and making off with the prisoner, and escaping the Matrix, without letting Morpheus die is all Neo has to do.


No problem.


Neo and Trinity just go into the Matrix construct and arm themselves with semi-automatic rifles, uzi’s, shot guns, handguns and a bomb. And the ensuing scene of storming the castle commences with one of the best choreographed raids I’ve ever seen.


Below I’ve attached just a small part of the storming. After they destroy the lobby, (via the bomb) they take on more soldiers and the agents. Check out the entire movie to see the rest and you’ll see why we love these storming scenes.


Not to mention, this movie has some of the best dialogue ever written. But that’s a discussion for another post.



If you created a Storming the Castle list, would this scene be on it? What other scenes would you include? Leave a comment and let me know. And remember, all persons who leave comments on my website over the next three weeks (which aren’t spam) will be entered into a drawing to receive an autographed copy of my upcoming poetry collection Freedom: Poems From A Life, due to be released September 1st.


The more you comment, the more your chances for winning grow.


Also, if you subscribe to email notifications over the next three weeks, you will be given two additional entries into the contest.


Join me next week when I tell you about our second Matrix Storming The Castle Scene from “Matrix Reloaded”. It’s sure to get your motor running.


REFERENCE: Video from, moviebestscenes. Courtesy of Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, Groucho II Film Partnership and Silver Pictures


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