A few months ago, I had lunch with a new friend. She asked me what I liked to read and what I’d recommend for her summer reading. I have decided to share some of those recommendations that I gave her with you.

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“Strings On A Shadow Puppet” by one of my favorite authors (and friend) T.L. Evans ROCKS!!! This books is military sci-fi, thriller, political intrigue mixed with fantastic world building, story telling and memorable characters. Oh, and I have read this book 3 times! So that should tell you just how good it is.

Even in the future, there are still terrorists, class-ism, prejudice and political manipulation. The Dalang, the head of the Wayang Liberation Front is behind some of the most horrendous terrorist attacks in recent history. His targets include military and civilian ships and buildings. The crew of the H.M.S. Hunter have been dispatched to find out who the Dalang is and stop him before more innocent lives are destroyed. However; the crew finds a lot more than they bargained for. And believe me, this is one book that’ll keep you guessing and reading to the very last page. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.


One of my mentors, Glenn Starkey, is the author of three novels (the fourth will be released soon). My favorite of which is The Cobra and Scarab: A Novel of Ancient Egypt” This novel is about two half brothers raised together, one destined to be Pharaoh, the other his savior. The antagonist just happens to be one of my favorite historical figures–Queen Hatshepsut.

Glenn’s ability to weave intrigue, prose, and all five senses into the story is unforgettable.  There were times I could literally feel the heat of the Egyptian desert, smell the flowers in the garden and feel the palpable tension and evil emanating from the antagonists.

When an archaeologist finds a lost scroll, he has a Bedouin read it to him. Hoping to uncover the financial find of a lifetime, he’s stunned to learn the history of one of Egypt’s most powerful queens and her rise to power. This story of brothers, lovers, enemies and power will keep you ensnared and enthralled until the very end.

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The “In Her Name series by Michael R. Hicks blew me way. I read 8 of the nine books in about 2 1/2 weeks (and that’s only because the 9th one isn’t out yet). Mr. Hicks did a George Lucas on us and started with books 4,5,6; and then went to 7,8,9. He has completed 1 and 2 and we are eagerly awaiting book 3.

Essentially this series is about a race of warrior aliens called the Kreelans and our interactions with them over a century.  Books 1-3 give us the history of the alien race.  Books 4-6 show us how the war between the Kreelans and humanity started and 7-9 is how it ends. My ratings of these books range from 3-5 stars. Personally, I’ve found myself rooting against human kind and loving the aliens.  They are awesome! They are definitely worth reading. 

And last but not least…

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Chronicle the Third Part 3: Maggie Dallen, The Lost Girl (The Noricin Chronicles). Book 11 in the series promises to be as witty, fun, thrilling and entertaining as the previous 10 books. If you haven’t read any of this series, I highly suggest you dive in with book one. As I’ve said before in previous posts, Mark Sheldon takes us to new heights by weaving real life, fictional history and his own brand of genius into these stories. You’ll find this series worth your time. I’ve read every one of them and am eagerly awaiting book 12, the final installment.You can either purchase the Omnibus editions which encompass books 1-4, 5-8, or you can purchase each of the eBooks on

I hope you enjoy these amazing books. If you read them, let me know what you think about them. And please, if you feel so inclined, leave a review for the authors on and

What are some of your favorite summer, beach reads? Leave a comment and let us know. You never know, your favorite book might just be what someone else is looking for.

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