Yes, I know this week I was supposed to continue with my post of De Ja Vu; however, this Memorial Day weekend my husband and I did something we’ve never done before.

We went to our first Science Fiction Convention: TimeGate!


First off, if you are a scifi fan and have never been to a Con, you are missing out on a galaxy of fun. Cons are an opportunity to let your inner geek out to play.

This particular Con is held every year on Memorial Day weekend. The main theme of this con is Time Travel, which specifically encompasses the shows Dr. Who and the entire Stargate Multiverse of shows. However, there are other geek related panels and themes as well.

50th Anniversary Dr Who

This year is the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who and we celebrated by hanging out with other Whovians and a Doctor! Colin Baker, the 6th Doctor graced us with his appearance and poetry (he’s so talented).

Colin Baker

Ok, so what did we experience? Well, there were Daleks, Cybermen, several incarnations of the Doctor and his companions, games, video showings of several Dr. Who and Stargate episodes, panels; celebrities Colin Baker, Colin Spaul, Kelly Yates,The Phantom Troublemaker, the ESO crew (they rock), the cast of The Forgotten Doctor, karaoke, a cabaret, and masquerade.


Dalek and TardisVaughn in a TARDIS

While not as humongous as Dragon*Con, TimeGate is a great way to start your Con life. We had the opportunity to just hang out and actually shake hands with Colin Baker and Colin Spaul, talk to other celebrities without them being rushed away to other commitments. And they were so down to earth and fun.

Of course there are things that happen at a Con that stay at the Con so I can’t tell you everything. If you want to experience the fun and fandom, join us next year for TimeGate 2014 as we celebrate 20 years of Stargate!

So tell me, what’s been your favorite Con to attend? Who have you met and what Cons are you looking forward to attending?

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