Olivia Dunham

Have you ever had a case of de ja vu?

Have you ever had a case of de ja vu?

You’re sitting in your car, another car cuts you off in traffic and you have the sense that that specific car has cut you off before. Only, you’ve never seen that car or the person driving it. At least you don’t think you have.

In the Fringe episode, “The Road Not Taken“, Agent Olivia Dunham keeps having visions of alternate situations happening. Such as at a crime scene she sees two burnt dead bodies instead of one. Of course, everyone else only sees one. In another scene she’s speaking with her boss who is wearing a different shirt and tie than he was earlier and his desk is on the other side of the room.

When she finally speaks with Dr. Bishop about these “visions” he tells her about the connection between de ja vu and alternate realities.

Book cover, Alternate Realities (Omnibus) by C...
Book cover, Alternate Realities (Omnibus) by C. J. Cherryh (DAW Books, 2000) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve already ventured into the alternate universe themes in previous posts.

As I previously explained, each time we have the opportunity to make a choice in our lives, whatever we choose is what causes the possible different realities. In other words, if I am driving down the street and realize I’m hungry, I can either go home or go to a restaurant. When I make the choice of what I’m going to do, the possibilities of the other choices are made in the alternate reality.

In one reality, I go home, in another I stop at Chik Fil A, in another, I stop at Wendy’s. The outcomes of each of these splinters off a different reality which exists somewhere in time.

This is where the de ja vu comes from. The experiences in the different realities is stair-stepped in time and we can access those experiences.

I choose to go to Wendy’s for lunch in the first reality and see an employee with red hair.

I choose to go to Wendy’s for lunch in the second reality and see an employee with red hair.Blue_brick_steps

While I may have already experienced the employee in the first reality, because of a “bleed” in time, when I make the same decision in the second reality to go to Wendy’s the two realities bleed together. But because they are “stepped” I will “see” the reality twice. My conscious mind in the second reality doesn’t recognize the first version, because I wasn’t consciously present in that reality.

Thus de ja vu happens. My mind replays what it has experienced in a different reality at the same time that I am experiencing the same thing in my current reality.

Join me next week when I reveal what scientists say about whether or not this idea is science fiction or science fact.

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