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Have you ever known someone to die from a cold virus?

If not, then you haven’t seen the “Fringe episode Bound“, from season one of the series.

In this episode, a college professor who is also a renowned immunologist is killed with…wait for it…a super-sized mutated cold virus. And it’s pretty nasty.

The cold virus, in the form of eggs, is placed in water and ingested, unknowingly, and within a few minutes it begins growing in the victims stomach and destroying their innards. When it’s gotten pretty big, it comes out of the persons mouth. Yeah, gross, I know.

180px-SupersizedCellAs Peter says,  “They supersized the common cold, which, as it turns out, is disgusting.”

So how realistic is this? Well, first let’s grab some tissue and take a look at the common cold virus.

The common cold can be caused by more than 200 different viruses, each of which is a single-celled organism. In the show, someone found a way to mutate these single-celled organism which causes the virus, so that it grew into a living monstrosity.

In real life, these viruses actually can kill. Very recently, a premature baby died after being kissed by his father. His father, had a cold sore on his mouth. The cold sore, infected the baby, killing him.

Viruses mutate naturally due to the fact that they are alive. And just like all living things, they have a will to survive and therefore will mutate. But is it possible for a geneticist or biologist to take these viruses and turn them into a living monster?

Due to these mutations, researchers have to create the virus in a lab, then take it apart and find what will slow it down or

An illustration of a character from a story; a...
An illustration of a character from a story; also, an illustration of illustrations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

kill it. While doing this research, it is actually possible to create something so virulent, that it does in fact cause a new strain to appear. Will it be a giant, innards eating slug? Only time and a mad scientist will tell.


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