Cover of "The One (Special Edition)"

A few weeks ago, I started a new series about the science of the show “Fringe”. In the first  two posts, I started by telling you about Alternate Universes which is the major plot-line of the entire show.

This week, I am continuing the thread on the Alternate Universe theory. In the last post, I stated that I would now speak about the real life possibilities of crossing to another parallel universe. Want to hear about it? Here we go.

One of our favorite sci-fi action flicks is “The One”, starring the ever awesome Jet Li in multiple versions of one person, Gabe Law, Gabriel Yu Law, Lawless, etc. One of his “versions” even has dreadlocks!

If you’ve never seen this movie, beware, SPOILER ALERT!!

According to this movie, there are many alternate universes and in one of them, scientists discovered a way to jump to each one. Because of this discovery, people were able to go to these alternate realities and take whatever they wanted to make more money in their own universe.

As such, a police force, The Multiverse Authority, was established which would capture the renegades and send them to a penal universe called (appropriately) Hades Universe.

The MVA travel via natural wormholes which they can detect and manipulate as a bridge back to their own universe.

An officer of the MVA figures out by accident that if he goes to alternate universes and kills other versions of himself, he gets more powerful. He’s finally captured by his ex-partner, Harry Roedecker (played by the indomitable Delroy Lindo) and is in the process of being sent to Hades, when he escapes. And heads straight to our universe to kill the last of his Doppelgangers.

While some physicists have postulated that there is a Multiverse, (there are literally dozens of papers and articles about it), no one has figured out how to actually traverse the membranes. So far, one theory would be to create an Einstein-Rosen Bridge (wormhole) to pass through both membranes and cross the space in between, as is the case in the movie. However, without knowing exactly where the wormhole would end up, how to stabilize it, or anchor it, such a mode of transportation for travel within our universe is impossible, much less traveling to another universe altogether.

In Fringe, Dr Walter Bishop creates a machine that first acts as a window to show him the other side, until he destroys it in a fit of rage. The second machine he creates, allows him to walk through the membranes at a “soft spot”. By doing so, the soft spot becomes like a crack in a glass pane. The “crack” then spreads out and each time it hits another soft spot in the membrane, it causes issues for the other universe.

The reality is, that in order to punch through to another universe, Plank Energy would be needed. This is energy so intense that the fabric of space and time would be utterly destroyed.

Is it at all possible to create a stable wormhole to another universe? Only time will tell.

Please join me next week when I delve a little deeper into the “Many Worlds Theory” of alternate universes.

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