Ladies and Gentlemen.

Boys and Girls.

It’s that time of the year again.

The time when almost every writer you know turns into a stressed out, over caffeinated, junk food inhaling maniac.

It’s NaNoWriMo time!

For those who do not know, National Novel Writing Month is 30 days of writing madness in which we do our level best to write as much as we possibly can. The minimum word count to “win” is 50,000 words.

Many of us use this time to either create a whole new novel from scratch; or complete the first draft that we’ve been struggling with for many months (or years).

I “won” last year. Hitting 50,000+ was fun.

This year; however, I’m going for the gusto. I’m going to finish my first draft. I’m going to push past the middle hump that at times drives us writers to drink, and finish this beast.

Of course, I’ll keep up with the blog. After all, I have to keep my peeps informed of the science advancements that mirror science fiction.

So, be sure to stop by my Facebook Fan page https://www.facebook.com/Y.I.Washington, or Tweet me @YIWashington and offer up some pushes and prods as well as love.

And I won’t complain if you wanna send chocolate my way.

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