Resident Evil (film series)

I have never played the Resident Evil video games.

There, I admitted it. But I am a fan of the movie genre (except for the second movie). What’s not to like–lots of zombies, kick-butt scenes, impossible stunts, zombies, Big Freaking Guns, zombies and blood splatter. Did I mention the zombies? Just wanted to make sure.

I do want to play the games, also. The idea of blowing the heads off the slobbering zombie masses does appeal to me, after all. Who wouldn’t like that? It’s a great way to blow off steam.

Resident Evil (film)
Resident Evil (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a huge fan of the first Resident Evil movie. We saw it in the theater and purchased the DVD as soon as it came out. I’ve watched that movie so much that if it were a VHS, the tape would’ve broken by now. When the third and fourth installments came out (Extinction and Afterlife), I was happier than a zombie in a pile of fresh brains. I loved how they continued the story line and stayed true to the previous characters. Again, not knowing the characters from the games, I wasn’t aware of how the movie compared with the games. I didn’t much care, especially when they included zombie birds in Extinction.

Unfortunately, when my husband and I went to see Resident Evil: Retribution, I have to say, I was a tad disappointed. I was expecting something more original. Instead, I saw an almost duplication of the first movie with an homage to Aliens. I don’t believe in giving out spoilers so I’ll not give away much. However, I will point out a few things.

Milla Jovovich was amazing as usual. There were some scenes where I wished I was watching her fight on my TV so I could rewind the DVR and see how she did what she did (I need to know these things for the real zombie apocalypse.) Michelle Rodriguez was awesome as the clone Rain. I did, however, have a massive problem with Ada Wong running around in a slinky dress and heels. That was way too far beyond suspension of disbelief. But apparently that’s how she dresses in the second game. (In a real zombie attack, she’d be brain bait.)

I was able to come up with a body count of the good-guys in the beginning, in order of their deaths–and I was right. Predictability is never a good thing in a movie. Despite how unrealistically some of the women were dressed, the action and special effects were decent. But there weren’t enough zombies for me.

If you’ve seen this one, what did you think? Leave me a comment.

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