A few weeks ago, my husband and I went to the drive-in and saw two movies that were really great.

That in itself was a surprise as because I haven’t seen too many really good movies this year.

The first, and I’m sure almost every man in the world will agree with me, was “The Expendables 2“. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the explosions, the guns, the blood splatter, and muscles. I can tell you that I’m already salivating in anticipation of the third movie. That movie ROCKED!

The second movie was a pleasant surprise. You see, we’d read and listened to a few reviews of this movie and were convinced that it was going to stink. We were expecting lack of plot, bad graphics, terrible acting and just all around boredom. What we got was a kick-butt, awesome plot, believable action sci-fi movie that I can’t wait to own.

The movie was “Total Recall”.

My husband and I absolutely loved this movie. I dare say, I even loved it more than the original (so sorry Arnold). If you’ve never read the short story,“We Can Remember It For You Wholesale”  by Philip K. Dick (Renamed “Total Recall”),  that both movies are very loosely based on, I’d suggest giving it a whirl. I found it amusing, personally.

But back to the movie. The remake is, in my opinion, really good! The plot is a lot more believable than the original movie. While the remake does give nods to the original, and follows some of its plot, it branches off by sticking to the short story by keeping the protagonist on Earth. Also, I found that Colin Farrell did a much more convincing job as Douglas Quaid. His ability to access multiple emotions in his acting helped to really sell me on him as this character.

The idea of the “The Fall”, a gravity elevator which travels from the Colony in Australia to the UFB in Britain, was epic. I loved the idea that we could easily travel from one point of the planet to another. The anti-gravity portion of the elevator made me drool. That’s a ride I’d love to try at Six Flags!

Unfortunately, the critics dissed the movie because it wasn’t just like the original–lacking in humor was the biggest complaint that I saw. Personally, that didn’t bother me so much. Why? Because to me, the plot was more interesting than the original.

What did you think? I’d love to know. Leave me a comment and let’s get a conversation going.


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