It’s three o’clock in the  morning and I am wide awake.

Mostly, because I am a night owl. Partially, because up until a few minutes ago when I realized the date, I was worrying over some things in my head. Such things as the fact that it’s been a long time since I posted a blog update. Worrying about who is actually reading my blog; how will I ever get enough of a fan base to even consider selling my writing down the line. Oh, and how am I going to rewrite and finish a short story in time for a contest by the end of this week; especially when there’s a 4,000 word limit and I’m already 286 words over and still not satisfied with the ending.

Then, it hit me. In the grand scheme of life, these cares, while important to me, are not earth shattering.

Many people will be posting blogs about the significance of this date. I am only a small drop in a vast ocean. However, I wanted to take a moment, regardless of what’s going on with me, to thank the men and women of the Armed Services who have sacrificed their lives, health, family and finances to fight in this decades long war by sharing a story.

Right before the first Persian Gulf War, my oldest brother, PFC Eugene A. Robinson, was stationed in South Korea. His enlistment was almost up and he could have come home. However, he was asked to re-enlist for the upcoming war. It wasn’t until he returned state side, was discharged and returned to our childhood home in Ohio that I found out why he agreed and went to fight. You see, he did it so that his sons, father, brother and I would never have to be drafted should that ever happen again. He fought so we wouldn’t have to. He went through hell so that we could be protected.

As I remember all of you who have fought over the past eleven years, I think of his sacrifice. How what he did was so much bigger than himself. And I think of the men and women who have made similar decisions to fight, regardless of belief, political affiliation or motivation.

May God continue to bless and keep you and your families.

May your strength, conviction and faith never waver.

May you ever walk in the Lord’s Favor.


American Flag - photo and  graphic by jeannerene
American Flag – photo and graphic by jeannerene (Photo credit: jeannerene)


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