I recently had the pleasure of reading and reviewing”The Noricin Chronicles: Chronicles the Second Part 2:The Fall of the Eagle.” Last month, I interviewed the esteemed author of this series, Mark Sheldon. I have to say that each installment of this series gets better and better. Mark has definitely performed a masterful job of writing such a complex story and keeping things straight.

If you have never read any of the previous books in the series, I suggest you do so before reading this review.


The “Noricin Chronicles” is a 12-part tale of a teenager named Dan Regal. Dan goes from living in an orphanage with no prospects for his future; to finding out that he’s the only person that can defeat the evil Scorpion. Book 6; “The Fall of the Eagle” continues the exhilarating saga of the trifecta war: Good v/s Evil Norcinites and Evil Norcinites v/s Commen. Who will be the victor?

Dan Regal has lost everyone he has ever truly cared for. Now, with the ability to go back in time, he firmly believes he’ll be able to right the wrongs and change the past. Little does he know, changing the past will be a lot harder than he ever imagined.

Seeing, alive, all of his friends is difficult for Dan; and reliving his past is even more so. However, determined to set things right and still destroy The Scorpion, Dan goes through with his plans in spite of warnings from Mr. Loeren.

Dan gets to see what was happening behind the scenes before his beloved school was destroyed. He now has a better understanding of how, and why, many things have happened. But will he be able to change the past, destroy the Scorpion and save the girl he loves? Or will his efforts be in vain? Worse yet, could Dan’s interference in the past cause worse problems than he could have ever imagined?

Mark Sheldon takes us through a darker chapter in the “Noricin Chronicles”. Sheldon ties up a few loose ends and creates more dark mysteries for Dan to solve. Each installment into the “Noricin Chronicles” is a fast and fun read. The novellas will hook you and give you a brief, yet refreshing respite.

I do love these books; as I’ve stated. The only thing I think could make the stories better would be more physical descriptions of surroundings and to slow the pace down a tad. Otherwise, these stories are fantastic.and definitely worth reading. Not to mention the ridiculously fun puzzles that Mark includes at the end of every book.

So if you’re looking for a truly fun read, mind bending puzzles and fantastic plots, then by all means, take a ride on the Noricin Chronicles train. You won’t regret it!

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