Today I celebrate a milestone. This is my 75th blog post! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the notice. It had never dawned on me to even think about celebrating this. The 100th yes, but this one, not necessarily. However, people celebrate the 75th of stuff all the time. So why not my 75th blog post?

To celebrate, I am sending a bit of encouragement to all of my writer friends.

No matter how long it takes, how dark the times or how many times you get rejected, keep pushing on. Write as if your project will be the last one you ever write. Make it the best you’ve ever written. Do not shortchange yourself by putting out something you really aren’t proud of just to say you’re published. Write from your head, your gut and your heart.

Believe in yourself; because if you don’t there will be days where there won’t be anyone else that does. You will need to encourage yourself. Know that you can soldier on. On the days when your muse skips out on you and heads for the beach, you must have the strength to keep writing, keep believing.

We are writers. We are a different breed of people. We see the world as no one else can or will. We are the keepers of humanities’ integrity, dishonesty, humility, vanity, vision, desire, passion, joy, pain, and fantasies. Stand proud of your profession, your passion, your calling.

Celebrate the small as well as the large achievements. But most importantly, celebrate you!

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