I decided to take a quick break from the normal posts and do something a little different this week. I’ve recently read and reviewed four books that I wanted to share with you. They are stories written by talented authors and were, in my opinion, really fun and wonderful to devour.

The first book on my list is “Breathing Space: Book One of the Exodus Trilogy“, by Ian Fydell, whom I interviewed last month.  In the year 2095, the earth is trashed. The human race has branched out to other planets and moons in our solar system; however, these colonies are way too small to sustain all earthlings. A planet is found; however, getting there and determining whether or not it will be suitable as a new home will be the real test of human endurance.

For a first book from Ian, this is really well done. The story starts out showing us where our beloved planet is headed if we don’t change each of our carbon footprints. I won’t give anything away, but I will say this: the end of this book will shock you to your core.

The second book I’d like to introduce you to is “The Cobra and the Scarab: A Novel of Ancient Egypt” by Glenn Starkey. Glenn is a previous Marine, Police Officer, Security Consultant and has a black belt in Goju-Karate.

This novel takes place in Ancient Egypt (as you can tell by the title) and gives a fabulous fictitious accounting of the first female Pharaoh of Egypt, Queen Hatshepsut. I will warn you; though. This is not a fuzzy wuzzy kind of book. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Ok now that the warning is over; this book is fantastic. Glenn’s brilliant ability for description places you right in the sweltering heat of the desert, Pharaoh’s palace, the queen’s garden, and various fantastic locales to tell a story of deadly greed, treasonous secrets, brotherly love, and redemption.

Book three on my list is Book 5 in a series: “The Noricin Chronicles: Chronicles the Second Part: Relics of Time” by Mark Sheldon. The entire series, in my opinion is X-Men meets Harry Potter. From the first book in the series, “The Lost Boy”, I was hooked (dare I say slightly addicted). When the newest book in the series went on sale, I bought it, sat down and read until I finished. I can’t tell you anything about book five without giving away the other four books. So guess what, you will need to get them first. But do not fret. Mark was kind enough to create an omnibus edition of the first four books to make it easier for the rest of you to catch up. And you’ll want to hurry, because book six, “The Fall of the Eagle”. will be released April 8th. Also, part of the proceeds from the sale of the omnibus edition will be donated to Book Aid International, a literary charity based in the U.K.

Last, and certainly not least, is a book that I was asked to review. And I am so very happy that Jack D. Albrecht Jr. asked me to. Because had he not, I would have probably missed out on one of the coolest fantasy novels: Oscric’s Wand: The Wand-Maker’s Debate”by long-time friends Jack D. Albrecht, Jr. and Ashley Delay.

Osric is a normal guy with one power like everyone else. Or so he thinks. When an explosion destroys the festivities at a peace treaty signing, Osric, his friend Kenneth, Bridgett Maiden of the Unicorns, Gus The Wand-Maker and Pebble set off to find the culprits and stop an impending world war that could destroy most of the inhabitants of Archana.

First in a series, this book has memorable characters, intrigue, sword fights and dragons. I’m really looking forward to book two. According to Pebble, in a recent interview with Marie Bothwick on her blog Write Panic Live,there will be a great secret revealed.

Thank you for taking the time to read about four books that I genuinely enjoyed. I do hope that you find them as entertaining as I.

Next week, we will return to our regularly scheduled program.

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