Last week, I stated that I’d start a new theme to my blog for this year. The theme will be to introduce my readers to the positive inventions and impact that Science Fiction has had on our world over the past 100+ years.

To kick off this New Year and new theme, I am starting with an interview from one of my favorite sci-fi writers, Ian Fydell, author of the break out hit Breathing Space: Book One of the Exodus Trilogy.”   Not only was this one of the best  books that I’d read in all of 2011, Ian happens to be a really great guy and truly talented writer. His vision and imagination transfer to the written page brilliantly.

Ian is working on the second installment, “Resistance: Book Two of the Exodus Trilogy”, and you can see a pulse-pounding sneak-peak here. Once you read this, I think you’ll rush to Amazon to get the first book.

So without further ado, here is my interview with the gifted Ian Fydell and his thoughts on Science Fiction and its impact on our culture, as well as the impact Ian hopes his writing has.

So, Ian, when did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I knew I wanted to be a writer from the time I was a preteen. I enjoyed writing short stories as a hobby and my family members were entertained. Once I made it to Junior High School, my English teacher enjoyed reading my work and encouraged me to pursue writing. I write because I love to entertain my readers.

What made you choose Science Fiction as your genre?

When I was seven years old, my parents took me to see a “little film” called Star Wars. I remember looking up at the stars when we got home that night and wondering if there was a Darth Vadar and Luke Skywalker fighting for control of the galaxy….or was there something going on out there on a smaller scale. I enjoyed looking up at the stars and also reading through “encyclopedia’s” and learning about space and even enjoyed reading about Ancient Astronaut theories.

In your opinion, what positive impact has science fiction had on our world as a whole?

I believe science fiction pushes the minds of our scientists. Handheld (wireless) communicators in scifi television shows or movies are now our cell phones; machines that could see through the human body are now our x-rays and mri’s. I feel if science fiction writers continue to push the envelope, our society will benefit greatly.

Which sci-fi authors have inspired you most, and why?

My writing has been compared to Hogan and Heinlein and I do enjoy their work, but I feel Alan Foster/George Lucas are my two greatest inspirations. I grew up with Star Wars and they were the ones who started it all for me.

 What inspired you to write about the future state of our planet in your “Exodus Trilogy” series?

As a father of three, I am concerned about the future for my children as well as all children on this planet. Despite the warnings, humanity continues to deplete the ozone layer, destroy rainforests and contaminate our oceans. I paint a very dark future for Mother Earth and hope to raise awareness of the importance of our planet so we are not forced into looking for a new world to call home. I fear if we continue on the same path, we will eventually reach the point of no return.

In your brilliant first novel “Breathing Space: Book 1 of the Exodus Trilogy”, you describe a dying planet Earth due to pollution, disease and depletion of the Ozone Layer. What are some of the steps you and your family take to reduce your carbon footprint?

I hope that my book, Breathing Space, not only entertains readers, but also raises awareness on the importance of our planet. There are many ways to help save the planet. Here are a few simple steps we  take in preserving the environment:

  • Our family takes quick showers, baths require a lot more water than showers. 
  • We make sure the kids do not run the water when brushing their teeth and wash dishes instead of using the dishwasher. 
  • We buy recycled paper for our printer and drink purified water from the refrigerator instead of buying bottle water, Nearly 90% of plastic water bottles are not recycled, and it takes thousands of years to decompose. 

I believe that if we all pitch in it will help on some level. But we really need to make those electric cars affordable and increase in numbers. We need to STOP talking about solar and wind energy and make it a reality.

Without giving anything away, what are a few things fans can expect from your upcoming novel “Resistance: Book 2 of the Exodus Trilogy”?

You can expect John Lewis and his crew to go on many great adventures, meet new beings…some friendly, and some not so friendly, fall in love and a lot more. In my second novel of the trilogy I also jump in and out of different realms and dimensions and it gets very spiritual. I just finished “Resistance: Book Two Of The Exodus Trilogy” and let’s just say…it’s mind blowing. I suggest joining my Facebook Fan page, Fans Of Breathing Space: Book One Of The Exodus Trilogy. On 1/23 @ 1:23pm,  I am going to post a sneak peek of Resistance. You can also go to my website for updates,

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