Last week I participated in a Writer’s Digest webinar that was hosted by Chuck Sambuchino, Writer’s Digest Guide to Literary Agents Editor, and given by Keith Ogorek, S.R. VP of Marketing at Author Solutions. The subject was in regard to being a successful self-published author. However, one of the points that Keith made, that I’d been sort of struggling with, was to make sure that you used your blog as a means of showing your expertise for your subject. Now that works fine if you’re a non-fiction writer; however, my question was what about those of us who write a specific genre?

Well, then it hit me. I can show an expertise in Science Fiction. I am passionate about people understanding sci-fi as more than just laser beams and space ships. Science Fiction has opened up the imagination of many a scientist over the past 100+  years. From submarines, the H-Bomb, laptops, cyber space and so much more, scientists have gathered

Masters of Science Fiction
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inspiration from such luminaries as Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Gene Roddenberry and William Gibson (who coined the phrase “cyber space”.)  Society as a whole has benefited from the writings of George Orwell, “Big Brother is watching you“, Aldous Huxley C.S. Lewis,  Arthur C. Clarke and Philip K. Dick.

As a fan of sci-fi, I was aware of a few inventions; however, as a writer, I have begun truly studying the genre. I have been pleasantly surprised each time I find that something fantastic in our culture came about as a result of the genius and wonder of the above mentioned authors and many others.

For the foreseeable future, starting next week, I’m going to take you on a journey every week to the amazing inventions, theories and culture changes that have come as a result of science fiction. I will still mix in blog posts on my upcoming book series, as well as tips for other newbie authors; however, I think you the reader, will find this new direction informative and entertaining.

Also, I would love the opportunity to feature guest blogs by other science fiction authors. There are so many of us who write sci-fi because of what the genre means to us. I relish the opportunity to read your ideas on sci-fi’s impact on our culture. So if you are a sci-fi writer and interested, please feel free to contact me via the “Contact Me” page for submission guidelines.

So, stay tuned for some really amazing, out of this world facts that will blow your mind. I am going to share the importance of science fiction in our culture. Without the vision of those who have come before, I dare say, our world would be markedly different. I hope you’ll join me on this odyssey through the gateway of imagination to the roadway of the real.

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