Here’s another glimpse into the denizens of the Politeia Syndicate sector of the Andromeda Galaxy. By the way, I’ve changed the name of the Commonwealth sector to Politeia. I like the sound of it better, and I didn’t want to have too close a connection to the t.v. Show “Andromeda

Lu’Tion Gios tes Tullius is the sort of character that’s a bit hard to write. At least, he is for me. Lu’Tion is the stoic, quiet, dangerous type. He is not someone you want to mess with even on a good day. He has a lot of pain and anger that he tries to keep under wraps, because of his spiritual beliefs. He’s very private, and unless you really take the time to get to know him, you can’t even read his subtle facial expressions.

Lu’Tion comes from a different sector of the galaxy called the Do’Rean Sector. About seven hundred years ago, there was a pilgrimage of very spiritual people out of the core planets of the Politeia Syndicate sector. These people, calling themselves the Pnuem’Eth, believed in a tribal existence where all of the people are responsible for each other. They are a truly communal people whose different spiritual beliefs, made them outsiders.

Choosing a more utopian existence, they exiled themselves to an unexplored sector. Finding a cluster of uninhabited planets, they settled and… Well, you’ll just have to wait for book two to find out the rest.

Lu’Tion is a member of the warrior caste, the Pol’Theu. They are a cross between the Marines, Green Berets and Navy Seals with a dash of Apache warrior thrown in for good measure. They are the guardians of the entire sector, as well as the inner most sol system that houses their government and spiritual center. Lu’Tion and his family were stationed on one of the outer planets when the Imperial Syndicate decided they would attack the Pneum’Eth, enslave them, and use their sector as a sort of back door to defeat the Politeia.

Due to over confidence, outdated intel and absolute stupidity, the Imperial forces had their bums kicked back to Imperial space. But before they left, they destroyed five of the outer lying colonies. Not a smart move. You see, prior to this, the Pnuem’Eth refused to get involved in the war between the Imperial and Politiea Syndicates.

Lu’Tion was one of the men responsible for handing the Imperials a serious dose of beat down. This ends the war but instead of going home, Lu’Tion sort of kicks around the Politiea sector for a few years. He figures, his home colony was destroyed, so there’s nothing to go back to. He gets into a bit of trouble and is almost killed. His life is saved by none other than Luther Ingram.

Because of his beliefs, Lu’Tion swears a life debt to Ingram and becomes his body guard and one of his partners in crime. Lu’Tion will put a serious hurt on anyone who tries to harm Ingram. He even intervenes from time to time to keep Ingram from doing something stupid.

Now that I’ve written about him publicly, I’m actually looking forward to developing his character more. I’m excited about the challenge of creating someone that tries to hide his pain and anger behind his beliefs and his job. I hope you’re looking forward to meeting him.

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