I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite characters in the Andromeda Galaxy Syndicate Series.

Better known in the criminal circles as B.F. Setch, this character is sort of the comic relief of the series (that is, depending on your humor). His outlook on life, code of conduct and taste in recreation are, to say the least “special”. Of course, no one calls him by his given name and walks away without a beating–except his mother.

Setch is the go to guy for information, illegal drugs, unlicensed companions, weapons and the occasional smuggling of specialty foods from quarantined planets in Imperial Syndicate Space. Setch is one of the few criminals, or as he prefers to be called, purveyor of pleasures, that Ingram relies on. He has never double crossed a client, as he chooses very wisely with whom he will do business. Many only have the privilege of Setch providing for them at his invitation. Ingram is one of only a few that Setch will do work for upon request. You’ll have to read the series to find out how that came about.

Setch grew up on a planet called Igna 1. The planet is full of warlords who battle for their little scraps of the planet with no ambition beyond its atmosphere. This has been the custom for about three hundred Etios (years). Setch grew up listening to his father, a tribal warlord of sixteen provinces, teach of spreading out beyond the planet. Taking this advice to heart, Setch was the first warlord to branch out, taking over not only his home planet, but two neighboring ones as well. His exploits during the Tri-Syndicate war, lead to his current self-titled position as Minister of Procurement for legit and illegitimate concerns as well as the CFP. If it’s illegal or non-regulation, he’s the man to see.

Standing over 6 and a half feet tall and weighing in at around 380 pounds, many mistake his girth for fat due to sitting on his duff. Because of the slight blue tinge to his skin, he often looks like he might be in need of oxygen. However, Igna 1 is a planet with severe gravity. When he finally expanded his domain, he continued his eating habits, which on lower gravity worlds, made him bigger than most. Setch works out in a high gravity chamber so that he can, as he says, stay sexy and deadly.

Setch has a code of conduct, which, while still the code of a criminal, affords him an unfailing reputation. Even the Command Fleet Protectorate “allow” him to operate in certain areas. They figure that by doing so they are keeping a better control on felonious behavior. As Setch would say, though:

 “I’m so genius, I have the CFP jumping to my will. And that, my stupid friend, is why I can say, that I truly rule the galaxy. That, and I can have anyone killed at any time and anywhere.”

Setch turned his back on Lynch, showing him that the weaselly man was of no consequence to him. “I, however, am a man personally opposed to violence, so you need not worry about dying.”

Lynch let out a trembling breath and before he could inhale again, his head snapped back, slamming with a loud whack into the wall.

“Oops, sorry about that. My hand accidentally grabbed this statue and hit you. It just has a mind of its own. Can’t control the damn thing, no matter how much I try,” he chuckled.

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