As promised on Monday, I am giving you a taste of my characters. First up, is the man who started it all.  This is a man haunted by past mistakes, a fifteen-year-old daughter that he’s only known for the past six years, and a few dangerous enemies. Of course, two of these enemies, he isn’t even fully aware of…yet.

John Elliot Ingram is a brilliant man who has taken the Azophi Mining Colony from a backwater, dangerous, unprofitable establishment and made it into one of the richest mining colonies in the galaxy. Ingram’s history, is one of tragedy, loss and adventure.

I was inspired to create this character (and subsequently, his story) while watching the uber-talented actor Idris Elba as Heimdall, the guardian of Asgard in the movie Thor. Ingram just sort of jumped out of my head (sort of like Zeus giving birth to Athena) and began developing into a multi-dimensional character right there in the drive-in. I saw a man who, while intelligent, sexy as all get out and able to kick-butt with the best of them, was seeking redemption for past mistakes. This man’s future (for him anyway) depends on finding peace and atonement for the death of his former mentor and almost father-in-law.

Ingram was born during the four years before the end of the Tri-Syndicate War (more on that later).  His father, Craise Ingram, was a Command Fleet Syndicate Sergeant who served at a CFS outpost near the CFS and Imperial Syndicate borders. Craise was instrumental in destroying one of the Imperial Syndicates most devastating Dreadnought class warship, The Armageddon. His efforts, while gaining him prestige and high honors, cost him his life.

John’s mother then abandoned her son, leaving him to be raised by his grandfather, Elliot Ingram. Elliot raised his grandson to have a sense of loyalty, honor and excellence. He also, taught the boy from an early age, how to Strat (strategic planning) when he noticed that the three-year-old had a knack for it.

John excelled as a Strat Major in the Stratagem Academy and in Command Fleet Protectorate Academy. He was recruited right out of the academy six months ahead of graduation by Task Force Colonel Christoph Folletti to serve as the Master Strategist for his command unit. Ingram’s brilliance was off the charts and only rivaled by his naïvety, both of which were useful to Colonel Folletti.

Long story short (and so you’ll read the book when it comes out,) Ingram is taken advantage of, kicked out of the Command Fleet Protectorate, taken in on the Azophi Mining Colony as the Security Chief, buys out the owners of the mining colony so that he can make it a better place for the miners (you’d love to know how he got the money, wouldn’t ya?) and ends up pissing off a really serious bad dude named Bannion (think Genghis Khan, Jabba the Hutt and Adelai Niska {Firefly fans know who he is} all rolled into one) in the process.

Ingram’s quest for redemption will leave him scarred (in more ways than one) and changed. Maybe he’ll survive and maybe he won’t. You’ll have to read the novels to find out.

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