As a novice writer, I spend some of my time looking for ways to learn the craft of writing.  However, most of what I find on the Internet is articles and discussions about Publishing. While it is great to get that information (for later), novice writers really need to focus on the writing craft more than the publishing.

When I attempted, recently, to broach this subject in a Linked In discussion, I was told that writers don’t discuss writing much because all of our styles differ. Something about that response was very sad for me.  It showed me that even fewer writers actually get “IT”.

Writing isn’t just about style, it’s also about the art of crafting a scene that takes a reader to another world and drops them off of a cliff into the unknown.  And the reader loves you for it. Writing is about creating a character that we know we should hate, but end up feeling empathy for.  Writing is about journeys, dreams, adventures and fun.

Publishing is only a destination in the journey of writing.  It is not the journey itself.  The journey is in discovering how far down the rabbit hole you are willing to go.  It’s about the desire to create a place that no one has ever been and make them want to go there.  Or, to paint a picture with words, of a place that you’ve been, and others yearn to go as well.

Writing isn’t about how many ebooks you’ve put out in a year (especially if they aren’t well written). Writing is about…well, writing. How often do you sit down at your PC or laptop and just write for the sake of writing without thought of that piece being published?  When do you just take a class or read a book on the  craft of writing with the main thought being, for your story to be better?

What has happened to the writer who writes just for the sake of writing?  Just as there are people who climb a mountain for the sheer exhilaration of the climb, (body v/s body v/s the mountain v/s the elements,) there should be writers who writer for the rush of putting word to white space and filling it up.

Please understand that I am in no way belittling publishing.  That is, after all, one of the goals I have as a writer.  I await the day when I hold my published book in my hand and can say “I did it!” But I want to hold a labor of love and not a rushed piece of “dren” that no one will want to buy.

So, I learn how to write.  I learn how to take the God-given talent for the written word which was bestowed upon me and I utilize wisdom, patience, perseverance and Ibuprofen (for the headaches when I’ve read way to much) to improve and go from talented to Maestro.

So my message today to all writers, whether novice or tenured, learn how to write.  Learn the craft and revel in the thought of a well-written piece, more than in the idea of the publishing. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of writers out there.  Pull away from the pack, run full-out into a place where you stand apart.  Do so by learning the craft.

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