Of course, you read the title and thought, “What the deuce is wrong with her?” Well, I’ll tell you.  I figured out this afternoon that I am absolutely nuts to undertake all that I have in my head for not one but upcoming Sci-Fi series.  Not to mention, trying to keep up two blogs, taking courses to help me write better, creating the cover for my Poetry Collection (which I might not use),  as well as attempting to find out as much as I can about the business of publishing. Whew!

Oh, and keeping my apartment clean, cooking for my family, trying to loose 30 pounds by my 40th birthday (I have 3 months) and cultivating relationships with several people in several countries. Now, I know what some of you are thinking, that you are doing a lot more than I am.  You also have your jobs, kids, church, and other functions mixed with pursuing a writing career. Guess what, that makes you even more insane than me!

But seriously folks, yesterday I had a flash of anxiety when I started looking at the ambitious projects, the courses and all of the information that I need to know about publishing.  I actually looked in the mirror and asked myself if I was stark raving mad! Do I really think that I am talented, wise and patient enough to accomplish all of this?  Before I could answer that question, my Muses stepped in and gave me a nice little slap.  They reminded me that my desire in life is to write.  That I can’t live without writing, much like not being able to live without God, my husband and chocolate. What I have proposed (in my head) to do is right up there,  for me,  with attempting to build a new rocket ship, space station and particle accelerator all at the same time. However, a person with the right mental acumen, money and time can do it.

I have the talent, the wisdom, patience and am gaining the necessary knowledge to take on this venture.  I can do it and I WILL do it.  I have to be my biggest fan, cheerleader, encourager, and have more faith in me than anyone else.  So, on the days when I feel the anxiety rear its baboon butt ugly head, I just have to remember, that I’m already insane enough to accomplish everything I need to in order to succeed.  After all, as most of us know, you have to be a bit touched in the head to want to be a writer.  I’m so happy that I qualify.

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