Normally I use this blog to educate other novice writers and share my journey.  However, today, I have to use it to do something that I rarely do.  Complain!

Very recently, I have had a period of mourning for many of my favorite shows on television.  Those shows, which have been sent to the great cosmic black hole in the universe,

where shows that didn’t pander to the mindless drivel that our society seems bent on showing.  These were shows that challenged the imagination, made us think of our own flaws and limitations and forced us to actually use our brains.

Sadly, I must say, there isn’t much in the way of entertainment for Sci-Fi fans on television here in America, unless you are willing to lower your expectations to watch “reality” television that has nothing whatsoever to do with science fact or science fiction. Luckily, though, we are saved by BBCAmerica.  Thankfully, they are featuring such amazing shows as Star Trek TNG, Dr. Who, Primeval and the ever popular X-Files. Next month they will begin exclusively showing Battlestar Galactica as well as a new show coming out which I am truly looking forward to, called Outcasts.

Yes, Syfy still has Sanctuary, and well, that’s it.  They cancelled SG:Universe and Caprica and haven’t created any new shows or decent movies (don’t get me started on the horrible movies) in years. Thanks to Fox and TNT we have Terra Nova and Falling Skies, respectively, to look forward to.  But how long will they last?  If V, Flashfoward and The Event are any indication, not long. Those shows were great, good and getting good (in that order) and weren’t given a chance to really grow.

We have Fringe which is this centuries X-Files but other than that, if you don’t have cable, you’re relegated to Netflix, Hulu and your own DVD collection.

I wonder, where all of the great writers, directors and producers who can put together a Sci-Fi show which will stay on the air for more than a season, have gone?

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