Last week, I wrote about Depth.  What I didn’t realize at the time, was that you have to really be willing to go to extreme depths within yourself to truly write a great piece.   I did that this week on my personal blog and loved how honest and free the writing felt.  Then, I read a fantastic  blog by Sandra Woodiwis, on writing that opened me up even more.

The new story that I’m working on is a fun and challenging roller coaster ride.  Not just because of the plot twists and challenges, but if I am going to write something that will appeal to any reader, I am going to have to write from the bottom of My Self (cue deep echo.)

What does that mean?  Simply put, I’m going to have to write from a place that is very deep and well hidden.  I’m going to have to go to a place that no one has gone before (except maybe God).  The reality for all writers, is that if you want to write something that truly moves, inspires, entertains and causes someone to yell at the character to run, then you’ve no choice but to dig deep as a tic on a dog.

We live in a society that is good for hiding the truth behind political correctness (which is a polite way of saying LIE in my book.)  Many of us aren’t even sure how to be honest with ourselves much less with others.  If you’re a novice or even an experienced writer who is wondering how to write better, here is a simple hint.  Dig deep and write real.  No one wants to read something that doesn’t challenge them and cost you, the writer, something.  We all want reality that takes us away from our own.  People want to know that there is hope for a better tomorrow, that David’s do exist to vanquish the Goliaths.  The truer we are in our writing, the more the reader will enjoy our stories.

Here are a few ways that you can break out of the “technical” and into inspiring writing.  Try writing:

  1. a violent fight scene.
  2. a steamy love scene.
  3. a scene in which someone has to escape from a prison.
  4. about the anger welling up inside a man whose wife was just murdered.  And the murderer is standing in front of the husband.

When you ask yourself how you would personally handle these situations, or what would actually drive you to kill, be honest.  Don’t think about what is socially acceptable.  Remember, real passion isn’t polite.  Try not to think about who might read what you are practicing, because the reality is, no on has to read it unless you ask them to.  Do your best to be very authentic about your own emotions.  Ask “What If…” questions that take you outside of your comfort zone.  Then, write your response with pure abandon.

When you’ve finished, sit back and read your work.  How shocked are you by what you’ve written?  Did you ever think you could write like that?  Did you like how it felt?  If so, keep it up.  If not, then ask yourself why.  The answer just may surprise you and help you to open up to a whole new world of experiences which will in turn fuel a new passion in your writing.

After all, writing passionately is the biggest part of why we do what we do.  So, do it!

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