My last blog about finding your own writing voice has continued to be a journey of discovery.  Of course, I’m still working on uncovering my voice, but I have come across another nuance of what constitutes ones writing style or voice.

I have found, that part of discovering your voice, is discovering your inner most passions as a writer.  In my case, my passions lie with Science Fiction: But not just any Sci-Fi.  I dug into my heart and asked what about Sci-Fi could I contribute that would be uniquely me.  Of course, if you’ve been reading my blogs for a while now, you probably know that a process is coming up next. So here it is.

First I had to ask what type of Sci-Fi I would write.  Personally, I love Soft Science fiction with the following characteristics: Space Opera’s, Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic, and Military (although I probably couldn’t write a battle scene to save me life, but I can’t wait to try).  I want to write stories that not only tickle the imagination, but make people ask questions of themselves.

Second, I had to determine why these were passions of mine.  You see, the more you understand your passions, the better you can convey them in a healthy way.  I am passionate about Science Fiction because I am a scientist at heart: Discovery is a beautiful thing.  Also, I have found that there’s just something so beautiful and mesmerizing about looking at a nebula, or the thought of flying through space to visit other stars, planets and cultures. Plus, well, I just like stuff that blows up.

Third, what about this passion in me is unique to me?  Aren’t there enough writers out there who have already said what I intend to write, and done it better?  Maybe, but absolutely none of them can do it like I can.  Now that’s not a statement of conceit–it is a statement of fact.  The passion that boils inside of me, mixed with my own experiences, thoughts, morals and outlook come together to create a unique dish of stories that no one else can duplicate.

You have to be willing to dive in deep to the very bottom of your passion in order to let it out.  Understanding your passion helps you to create the proper vehicle in which to let it all hang out.  I don’t want to be one of those writers that just blows off steam and grumbles about everything and thinks it’s a story.  I want my passions to be expressed, but in a healthy and entertaining way for me and my readers.

So, to all of my writer friends out there I ask: What is your passion for writing and why?  Going on that journey will bring surprising results and revelations to you.

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