Last week was very unproductive for me.  Why, you may ask? Because of a speed bump called “computer issues.”

Long story short, we’ve not had the use of our CD-ROM or Floppy drive (yes, I still use floppies with my 13-year-old laptop, so we have to have one for the PC so I can move my work) for over six months.  We also had a virus, so, we re-formatted our hard drive last week.  During the process, because of miscommunication, we didn’t move our My Documents folder over to the external hard drive.  Thankfully, I had backed up all of my work from the PC to my flash drive or I would’ve really been upset.

Once the re-formatting was completed, we still didn’t have use of the CD-ROM and were unable to re-load Microsoft Office 2007 on the computer.  This meant that I couldn’t work on any of my short stories on the PC, nor could I participate in a joint novella endeavor with some of my writing friends.  Instead of getting upset, though, I took this as an opportunity to think outside box.  I chose to persevere instead of giving up and seeing this as a sign that I’m not supposed to be a writer.

Often when mishaps occur, we have a tendency to give up and walk away.  Or at the very least, we will fool ourselves into thinking that we’re just putting our writing “on hold” for a few days.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s a good idea to walk away for a few hours or a day.  I’ve done that with a story I was working on.  But I came back to it.  I always come back.

So, when you are having those days (or weeks as in my case), where Murphy’s Law is in full force and kicking you straight in the teeth, remember, that if you give up, you’ll never accomplish your dreams.

If you push forward all will work out and you may either learn or obtain something new.  In my case, my husband was able to purchase Microsoft Office 2010 and upload it from the Internet, so we received an upgrade from all of this.  Not to mention, the computer works a lot faster, and whenever I have to retype my work, (because I prefer using my laptop so I can work outside), I end up with a better piece.

Writing is a labor of love.  “Stuff” will happen at the worst possible time in your writing career.  Speed bumps and detours are a given but you can get over and around them and back on track.

Purpose to see the silver lining, drive right over those speed bumps and keep driving down the highway to your dream!

Image Source Page: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Rage.jpg

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