Lately, I’ve met quite a few people who have either a desire to be a writer, have started a novel or non-fiction work, or have completed their book.  By itself, that’s pretty cool.  That means that there are a lot of people out there like me.  We have a dream and are pursuing it.

However, the thing that has become increasingly prevalent in our discussions is the lack of knowledge that many novice writers have about the craft and the publishing industry.  There is a lot more to becoming an author than sitting down and cranking out a 225-page (or more) manuscript.

While I am the last person to begrudge anyone their dream, I do believe that if a person wants to pursue a writing career, then one should do so with eyes wide open.  Ignorance is definitely not bliss in this situation.

Case in point, if you wanted to become a doctor, I sincerely doubt that you would just walk into an ER, don a white lab coat and start patching up the injured.  Not only would you get tossed out on your can, but I’m quite sure there could be a lawsuit or two involved.

Most people actually sit down and think about their career path decisions.  Part of that thinking process also includes a workable plan to achieve their goal.  The plan for the goal would definitely include education and networking.  So, why is it that we do not take the time to plan out a Writing Career in the same way?

Many novice writers do not invest the time to learn the ins and outs of the craft as well as the publishing industry.   There are multiple books, blogs, workshops, seminars and conventions out there.  Not to mention, the plethora of networking sites like LinkedIn, or online writing communities as well as physical organizations.

We should not be content to pursue writing with a drive-thru mentality which continues to leave the profession with less and less prolific and poignant men and women of Letters.

Many can say that they do not even know where to start, much less which questions to ask.  I was one such person.  Until I decided that if I were going to make this my career choice, I had to get serious and come up with a plan.

Over the next several weeks, I am going to use this blog to help other aspiring writers to learn things that I’ve found out along the way.  Hopefully, what I’ve discovered on my journey will help you to do the following:

  • Decide if you want to write as a career or a hobby
  • Get on the right track to learning the basics
  • Understand the difference between being a writer and an author
  • Begin planning your own career with attainable and realistic goals
  • Introduce you to the Business end of the Writing Life

Let’s educate ourselves and be honest about our desires and dreams.  If we want to be bloggers, journalists, essayists, poets, novelists or screenwriters, we should learn the craft, the life and the business.  Don’t let ignorance be the reason you do not achieve your dreams.

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